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      With its exclusive Osmaporine

      technology, Aquamemory includes a complex of active ingredients derived from Microalgae and Marine Plants, which have a very similar structure to that of our skin. It works to fight dehydrating stress factors with Vitamin E, pure Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants.

      Great For

      Hydrating the skin

      Leaving the skin 

      feeling soft

      Protecting against 

      moisture loss

      "As soon as I smoothed the cream on my face I felt it was pure luxury. It had a lovely scent and my skin (which is on the dry side) felt nourished immediately!" - Gatineau Customer

      Expert advice

      What is AquaMemory™ technology?

      Dehydration is one of the main causes of unhealthy and prematurely ageing skin. Enter AquaMemory!

      Meet Our Experts

      Gatineau skincare expert Lucy Vose has worked with the brand for over 25 years, discover more about her inspiring career here

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      Great For

      • Targeting the advanced signs of ageing

      • Pigmentation and complexion concerns

      • Strengthening thinning skin


      Great For

      • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

      • Restoring radiance

      • Protecting the skin's natural microbiome and protecting from external aggressors


      Great For

      • Hydrating the skin

      • Leaving the skin feeling soft

      • Protecting against moisture loss


      Great For

      • Combination & Oily Skin types

      • Reducing the production of excess Sebum

      • Mattifying the complexion to reduce shine


      Great For

      • Plumping the skin from within

      • Providing essential moisture

      • Treating the early signs of ageing


      Great For

      • Skin slackening

      • Loss of firmness

      • Providing essential moisture


      Great For

      • Dull skin and lack of radiance

      • Uneven skin tone and texture

      • The first signs of ageing

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