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      Dehydration is one of the main causes of unhealthy and prematurely ageing skin, and with so many external factors effecting the hydration of the skin, is it any wonder that a very high percentage of us have some form of dehydration – some of us without even knowing it!

      Firstly, it's important to distinguish between dehydration & dryness as this is something many of us get confused about. Dryness is something that occurs naturally in our skin as it is related to the amount of oil in our skin. Therefore, it is a skin type. The drier the skin the quicker keratinisation occurs, this is what make the skin look dry, tight & dull. In severe cases itching & burning may occur. Dehydration on the other hand is a skin condition, where the skin cells are lacking much-much needed water - this can be easily treated and rectified with the right products.

      The main factors leading to dehydration are: the cold, wind, low humidity, central heating, air conditioning, the sun, pollution, using products that are too harsh on our skin, and of course not forgetting smoking, caffeine & alcohol. Plus, stress & lack of sleep also contribute to a dehydrated skin. Need I go on! All these things strip out the natural moisture from our skin, which not only damages the epidermis but also makes our skin look & feel drier, sometimes even leading to cracks & flakes. Worst case scenario it can also leave the lower layers exposed to bacteria and possible infection.

      Enter the Aquamemory Range with its exclusive OSMAPORINE technology - a complex of active ingredients derived from Microalgae and Marine Plants, which have a very similar structure to that of our skin. Algae is also selected for its renowned ability to defend against the dehydrating stress factors of its own natural aggressive environment. Additional ingredients include pure Hyaluronic Acid and an Anti-oxidant Complex.

      These wonder ingredients work together and have a triple effect on the skin:

      FIRST - Surface Hydration
      Hyaluronic Acid gives immediate hydration to the skin's surface. In an age where there seem to be new ingredients and buzzwords every day, Hyaluronic Acid has stood the test of time. It is naturally occurring in our connective tissues throughout the whole body, with 50% of it found in our skin. It is one of the major components our extracellular matrix (the framework in which our skin cells sit) and has an important role in maintaining the moisture in our skin – any guesses where I'm going with this - unfortunately, like most things, its production slows down with age! As it can retain over 1,000 times its volume in water you can see why we would add it into AquaMemory Range.

      SECOND - Deepdown Hydration
      Next the OSMAPORINE technology gives deep down hydration. Basically speaking it traps water in the cells. The formula helps the transmission of water and the ingredients facilitate the transmission of water.  This means these amazing ingredients instantly give our skin a drink of water.

      THIRD - Protection
      Finally, the complex gives protection. It boosts the skin’s natural defences and helps the skin to protect against free radicals – another cause of premature ageing. It also preserves moisture in the skin with the help of the anti-oxi­dant complex: anti-free radical agent + Vitamin E.

      Seeing that well-hydrated skin contains around 70% moisture - around two-thirds inside the cell and one-third on the surface the Aquamemory range will maintain this ideal hydration or “osmotic balance” in the presence of all the harsh conditions we are subjected to day after day. 

      Claire xx

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