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      Getting To Know Lucy Vose!

      Tell us about your career so far, and when you first started working for Gatineau?
      I was very lucky because I always knew what I wanted to do from a very young age and I cannot believe that my career in beauty began its journey 25 years ago. I was exposed to the best training, guidance and opportunities that saw me work in various beauty salons from the very affluent Muswell Hill, to the chic and exclusive Selfridges of London before I landed my dream job in a luxury hotel Spa on the island of Bermuda.  Driven by my inquisitive passion for the skin and a determination for continuing my education to develop my technical skills I began specialising in professional skincare treatments and I found this incredibly rewarding.  On my return to the UK I studied my teacher/ trainer qualification and began my search for an educator role with a leading skincare range.  Gatineau was renowned for being at the forefront of the beauty industry and the leaders in anti-ageing skincare and this was the brand that I aspired to work for!  Having watched Andrew avidly on QVC I appreciated his passion for Gatineau and after much correspondence I eventually accepted a job as Gatineau Brand Trainer. 17 years later and I have the utmost privilege to fill the role as Director of Education
      What are your earliest memories of working with Gatineau and Andrew Bagley?
      Well early memories are of us both being younger and fitter!  We have always worked as such a close team, we are like a family so there are so many amazing memories along the way which I think you can tell from watching us on air, always tend to end in a lot of laughs!
      Can you remember the first time you went on air for QVC, how was it?
      All I can say is that it was the scariest experience of my life!  I had trembling knees, shaky hands and felt utterly sick!  Luckily Andrew was my saviour.  He was calming, reassuring and confidence boosting, and I did make it through an hour’s show!  Of course, the nerves do disperse and now it is purely a feeling of excitement at what great products we have to offer.
      What does an average day look like for Gatineau's Director of Education?
      My working day is never the same except that it is always very busy whether I am working with Gatineau laboratories on new product development, researching upcoming trends in global markets or creating lots of educational content for the salons and our website. Alternatively, I could be conducting in-depth Gatineau training courses in our flagship training academy and you will always see me with my head in a book or searching the web researching anything and everything about the skin including all of the scientific studies!
      With so much to do how do you make time to look after your skin for yourself?
      Time is of the essence when it comes to skincare as with a very busy work/ home life, sadly this tends to fall to the back of the queue, so I have had to develop some quick and clever tricks to capitalise on my skincare regime in the minimum amount of time.  For instance, sleeping in my desert island face mask; doubling up my Anti-aging Gommage as an exfoliating/energizing pick-me up-mask; popping my collagen compresses into the fridge before I apply them; and my skin is never deprived of a Gatineau serum!
      What are your 3 desert island Gatineau products?
      Toughy!  I would want to take them all!  However now that I am in my mid 40’s I am always looking for that ‘eternal glow and dewy canvas’ to my skin!  So, without doubt (and in no order) my top 3 would have to be:
      Number 1 - Melatogenine Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask because it’s such a versatile product and just achieves so many results in so little time – hydration, smoothing, plumping and a healthy glow!
      Number 2 - Age Benefit Night Elixir (the highest ranking of all Gatineau serums) because it is like a ‘supersonic skin tonic’ that I know will play a pivotal role in ensuring my skin stays energized, luminous and of course youthful.
      Number 3 – Since working with Gatineau Laboratories on this new launch I now cannot be without it - the new Perfection Ultime Miracle Eye Contour really does work miracles on concealing my skin imperfections, blurring my lines and accentuating my brows giving me the perfect airbrushed soft-matte effect!
       What are your plans for Christmas this year?
      This year we will be having a traditional Christmas at home with my husband, 2 daughters and extended family which takes us to 12! Will it be calm, restful and hassle-free?  Absolutely not! But I absolutely cannot wait for the chaos and pandemonium to begin (and of course to my first glass of champers!) And with 2018 just around the corner I cannot wait to come back to work fully charged (maybe a few pounds heavier) and ready for the exciting new launches Gatineau has planned for the year.

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