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      Which moisturiser is right for you?

      Finding the right moisturiser can be really overwhelming at times especially with the vast choice on the shelves. A moisturiser is the cornerstone of any skincare regime and such an important weapon in your beauty arsenal regardless of skin type -I am willing to guess it is a staple in most of our daily routines.

      Although your skin is pretty good at taking care of itself, things like pollution and sun exposure can compromise the skin barrier leaving it exposed allowing essential moisture to escape. A moisturiser supports the skin in number of different ways - the first is to create a protective barrier against harmful aggressors, the second is to lock in all those important ingredients you are putting on your skin on a daily basis and the third is to seal in moisture! And although our skin does make its own moisturisers, these hydrating substances deplete as we age hence why skin becomes a lot drier with each decade!  Think of a moisturiser as wearing a waterproof jacket for your skin!


      There are a lot of moisturisers that go beyond the call of moisturising and barrier repair duty (they are what I like to call designer waterproof jackets!) as they have been carefully curated with specific active ingredients to offer extra skin-boosting effects and provide superior results for different skin types.

      When it comes to finding the right moisturiser for your skin type there is a lot to consider and going on skin type alone isn’t always enough. Consider the texture, key ingredients, seasonal changes, and what skin concern you most want to target.

      From endlessly hydrating, to smoothing and firming, boosting brightness, rebalancing, and tackling uneven skin tone, meet the sophisticated Gatineau ‘moisturiser armoire’ and find out which one can really earn its keep in your routine.

      Hydra Aura Water Crème – the best moisturiser for hydrated, soft skin

      For dewy, hydrated, and conditioned skin Hydra Aura Water Crème is your first stop on the quest for balance. Lightweight and refreshing, this gel-cream formula is a real crowd pleaser as it ticks all the boxes for combination, oily and dry skin types and delivers an instant moisture boost that leaves skin velvety smooth.  Pairing antioxidant rich Barbary Fig with a Marine Complex, this formulation will flood your skin with essential vitamins and minerals futureproofing a glowy complexion whilst the addition of skin-softening Shea Butter will lock in moisture truly banishing dryness and reviving a supple texture.  This is a no fuss moisturiser and looks great under make-up even working as a primer.

      Collagene Expert Ceramide Smoothing Cream – the best moisturiser for smooth, plump brighter-looking skin.

      Get smart on signs of ageing with our innovative Collagen Expert Ceramide Smoothing Cream, a souffle textured day and night cream engineered to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles and boost elasticity with delivering lasting hydration. Boasting a triple collagen complex, a major pillar for healthy skin, these clever molecules will act like strong scaffolding to restore your complexions smoothness and bounce whilst reinstating resilience.  The added measures of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Arnica Montana Extract will ensure your skin is deeply hydrated, granting a luminous glow, and leave it uber plump for a finish that truly lasts. This is beauty perfection in a jar.

      Defi Lift 3D Toned Cream – the best moisturiser for firming, tightening, and lifting.

      So much more than just a daily moisturiser Defi Lift 3D Toned Cream is all about strengthening and fortifying your skin’s fabric to help keep your face undeniably firm and supple. Packed with avant-garde Filmexel, and skin tightening Plant Proteins, you can expect your skin’s facial fitness to be taken to another level without breaking any sweat as it will instantly lift and tone sagging contours with the results lasting all day.  You will absolutely love its buttery texture which melts quickly into the skin filling in lines and wrinkles whilst ramping up hydration levels too.   Add a little power to your skincare routine with your very own ‘face coach’ moisturiser and get ready to lift your way to fitter, firmer skin!


      Age Benefit Regenerating Cream – the best age-defying moisturiser for mature skin

      Age Benefit Regenerating Cream will meet the unique needs associated with perimenopause and menopause and will work relentlessly to target the key changes that can occur during each stage of this phase of life. Sparking collagen production, supporting cell turnover, enhancing volume and elasticity, nourishing, as well as evening out skin tone there really isn’t much this powerhouse moisturiser won’t take care of. Containing the range’s signature complex of Artichoke and Hibiscus Extract, this day and night cream will encourage your skin to behave as it did pre-oestrogen levels dropping, ‘talking’ to the key skin cell receptors to manufacture collagen and elastin and make it much more resilient. The barrier-boosting Ceramides, which are an essential element of any skincare ritual, will help to bolster your skin’s barrier function and ward off water loss preventing all too common tightness, whilst Red Algae Extract will be your secret weapon in the battle against uneven tone and pigmentation.  Rich and decadent in texture, this moisturiser will provide you with the ultimate reset to reveal a regenerated complexion and will set you on fast-track to a renewed and youthful look. Get ready to glow!


      Lucy x

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