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      Transforming Cream Cleanser

      The key to an ‘awe-inspiring’ skincare routine is all about selecting the right skincare products for your individual skin type and whilst we might put a lot of thought into which serum or moisturiser we choose, any old cleanser will do, right?  Wrong!  It is no secret that cleansing the skin is an absolutely crucial step in your beauty routine as it plays a major role in how your skin looks and feels.  Washing away the day to day grime, toxins and removing make-up are not only essential for clean healthy skin, but critical to ensure that any products that follow can work at the correct level of the skin to ensure maximum results.  But with so many types of cleansers on the market from foaming washes to cleansing gels, and milky creams, to cleansing balms and oils, it can all be pretty baffling deciding on which is appropriate for you.

      Unlike traditional cleansers and make-up removing wipes, ‘cleansing oils’ are some of the gentlest products out there and not only ensure every last trace of dirt and make-up is removed but at the same time they can replenish the oil content and safeguard skin’s pH level.  And it really all boils down to chemistry where quite simply ‘like dissolves like’ – in this case oil dissolves oil!  
      So, with this in mind it comes as no surprise that Gatineau have nailed it yet again by injecting a little luxury into their cleansing family with the launch of their ‘Transforming Cream Cleanser’. A cleansing cream which when emulsified with water transforms to a superlight oily texture, an unparalleled formula, and a refreshing and energizing scent - this is what I call giving the skin an unforgettable ‘spa worthy’ cleansing experience. 

      Literally filled to bursting with a trilogy of ‘super powered’ oils – and when I say ‘bursting’ I mean it, with no less than a 42% combined concentration of Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Soybean Oil, this cream cleanser certainly has enough muscle to cut through heavy duty make-up, leaving skin squeaky clean but at the same time injecting a bit of luxury into your bedtime skincare routine.  These powerhouse botanical oils, centuries old, have been carefully chosen for their nutritionally infused benefits and there’s way more to this trio than meets the eye. 

      Let’s take mineral rich Sweet Almond Oil for example which is over-flowing with skin loving goodness. Used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine to treat skin conditions and containing Vitamin A (a potent anti-ager), Vitamin E, (which cleverly acts like a shield against complexion-ravaging pollution) and of course essential fatty acids which are indispensable to the quality of our skin and sadly which our body doesn’t produce naturally.    
      And with the help of twenty-first-century science, it's little surprise that many of the plants that are proving to be most potent are those with long histories of traditional use. Coconut Oil was originally discovered for its unrivalled moisturizing effect on hair. It sets itself apart from the other fruits as a skin enhancing ingredient because of its higher than average water content and richest sources of essential amino acids which makes it amazing for repairing and restoring the skins natural barrier and slowing down moisture loss. 

      And then there’s the buzz about Soybean Oil which dates back to traditional Chinese medicine. They may not be a very tasty snack but looking on the ‘bright side’ it is known that soybean oil contains proteins, lipids and vitamins and has super moisturizing powers, that help to even out skin tone and boost radiance and luminosity.
      And with the addition of Vitamin E also considered the high tech ‘workhorse vitamin’, this is one ingredient you don’t want to exclude from skincare as it poses some serious benefits to the skin.  An extremely powerful antioxidant, it can fend off and protect the skin from environmental aggressions and since this can be a major cause of the deterioration of your skin’s collagen layer, I would say it is a significant vitamin. Not only is vitamin E like the skin’s own personal bodyguard it is also it is an excellent moisturiser and has a powerful anti-inflammatory action on the skin.

      So, with a cashmere-like lathering texture, a skin-reviving formula and demonstrated to tracelessly remove make-up, grime and pollution, Gatineau’s Transforming Cream Cleanser really offers a supreme clean. With skin left balanced, moisturized and feeling soft and smooth you will certainly feel skin primed.


      For best results:  Massage directly onto dry skin with small circular motions around the face and neck.  Emulsify with water and watch the cream transform to milky oil.  Simply rinse off with a muslin cloth and avoid contact with the eyes.

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