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      Thérapie Corps Énergisante Hand & Body Wash!

      There's what I call ‘ordinary’ body washes (the type you pluck off the supermarket shelf and sling on your body without a second thought) and then there's those lavish, fragrant and luxurious body washes which you use ever so super sparingly and make you want to savour every second in the shower.
      Whether you are jumping in the shower to wake up and face the day ahead or you just want to unwind and relax in the bath after a long hard day you are going to want to reach for Gatineau’s Hand & Body Wash – the perfect companion to elevate your cleansing routine.  When the weather is bitterly cold, when our systems are at their most vulnerable and when skin is at its driest, there is nothing more indulgent than reaching for this frothy fragrant and dense creamy shower gel for that all important pampering cleanse and sensorial experience.
      Gatineau’s Hand & Body Wash is a decadent foaming hand, bath and shower wash which will transform your usual washing routine into a self-indulgent ritual. It has been formulated with a coconut derived cleansing ingredient which effortlessly cleanses and washes away all traces of impurities whilst soothing Aloe Vera leaves skin soft and hydrated. This nourishing formula immediately conditions the skin leaving it perfectly refreshed and hydrated, so much so, that I could comfortably skip an application of body lotion after a shower and know my skin would still feel remarkably supple!!
      What is incredible is the volume of rich and deeply foaming bubbles that are created from the smallest drop (a little goes a long way) which transforms into this velvety soft foam, when in contact with water, immediately evoking the feeling of complete pampering. 

      And then there is the infusion of the subtle fragrance which lingers on the limbs throughout the day. The uplifting aromas of energizing Bergamot to re-energize the mind, harmonizing Geranium to rebalance the senses and soothing lavender to shrug off daily fatigue. 
      Gatineau’s Hand & Body Wash is not only a ‘skin loving’ formulation but a real treat for your body from head to toe delivering at a therapeutic level and transforming an everyday wash or shower into a holistic spa ritual!
      Lucy x

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