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      The Big Deal on QVC!

      Age Benefit™ Anti-ageing Skincare Collection!

      I think we can safely say winter has well and truly landed bringing with it shorter days and freezing temperatures. With a change of season comes the need to reassess your skincare regime – let’s not forget the skin is the largest organ of the body and a primary defense against these harsh external elements. Just as you wouldn’t brave snow days without those precious extra base layers, skin cells also need extra protection from cold, wind and heating - all of which swipe precious moisture from the skin leaving it not only lack-lustre and parched but most importantly exposed to premature ageing.

      Luckily, Gatineau has your skin’s back, and with our mission being to elevate your beauty ritual to the max, we have curated a boutique collection of skincare heroes (not to mention customer favourites) combining luxury with cutting-edge science which focus on a streamline ritual with all-encompassing skin care benefits. Enter ‘The Big Deal’ available exclusively @ QVC throughout February…


      What is featuring in Gatineau’s ‘The Big Deal’ on QVC?
      Great skincare is even better in company and this ‘Daily Age Benefit Anti-Ageing Skincare Collection’ is the perfect way to bag yourself multiple products that all work in synergy with each other in a quest to undo the days damage and tackle the spectrum of common concerns associated with ageing. This 4-piece game-changing collection unites hard-hitting age-defying formulas with nurturing performance actives to balance and protect skin through this harsh climate. 

      Featuring the supersize Transforming Cream to Oil Cleanser, an ultra-luxurious cleansing cream with a silky cashmere textured formula which transforms into an oily consistency whilst effortlessly melting away surface impurities and all traces of make-up. It has been laced with a trilogy of superpowered nourishing oils - Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Soy Oil – all of which saturate the skin with nutritive goodness, elevating moisture levels and leaving skin visibly soft and revitalised. A definite bathroom cabinet must-have if you are looking for that ‘squeaky clean and ethereally soft’ complexion.


      How to use:  Apply to a dry skin and massage in circular motions over the face and neck.  Emulsify with water watch the creamy consistency transform into an oily texture.  Rinse with dampened cotton pads or muslin cloth.

      Miraculous and multi-tasking, Alkessence™ IonActive Soothing Mist has a long list of accolades to its name. Whether your skin is suffering from flare-ups, is crying out for moisture or just generally out of whack, this hard-working pre-serum essence helps re-set troubled complexions. 

      Formulated with a highly alkalized ionized water which has been infused with vital trace elements essential to a ‘balanced complexion’, this essential primer will really benefit skin in the long run and make the rest of your skincare regime much more efficient. Think pollution-protecting, weightless hydration and complexion-calming and what’s more you can keep this on your desk, on your bedside table or in your handbag for that on-the-go ‘touch up’.  


      How to use:  Spray a fine mist over the face and neck after cleansing and wait 10 seconds before pressing the remnants into the skin with your hands.

      Joining the line-up is the velvety rich high-performance Age Benefit Regenerating Cream, a youth-prolonging protective moisturiser which tackles the multiple signs of ageing related to mature skin. Oestrogen levels decline as we age, simultaneously reducing collagen production and decreasing skin suppleness promptly triggering a paper thin and age-induced complexion.  But it’s not all doom and gloom - Age Benefit Advanced Regenerating cream designed for both morning and evening undeniably has all the answers.  Brimming with a plethora of anti-ageing actives: Hibiscus and Artichoke extract which help encourage the production of collagen and ward against the effects of gravity, Marine Calcilium which works to strengthen the skin’s fragile fabric, and Red Algae Extract which reduces the appearance of pigmentation flaws. This nourishing moisturiser has also been infused with omega-rich Sweet Almond Oil proven to support skin’s lipidic barrier and feed a depleted and parched complexion keeping things ‘all smooth and supple’.


      How to use:  Apply a pea size amount to the face and neck morning and evening avoiding the eye contour area.  Press in until absorbed.

      And totally deserved of its place in this exquisite collection is Age Benefit Night Elixir, an illuminating, highly potent youth booster which works its rejuvenating magic whilst you sleep.  Night-time is when our skin is at its most productive (The importance of 'Beauty sleep’ is no fairy-tale) and in fact, skin is most active between 11pm and 4am where the majority of cell turnover and skin regeneration occurs and our cells are at their most industrious, working hard to help repair damage incurred during the day and perform vital restorative functions. This hard-working silky elixir is like a ‘pick-me-up’ tonic and is the perfect pairing to this collection charging the skin with a carefully researched fusion of collagen-boosting peptides, supercharged antioxidants and skin-kicking energizing actives.  It’s great if you’ve misplaced your radiance and what’s more this serum does all the hard work whilst you do the complete opposite.

      How to use:  Apply one pump to a perfectly cleansed face and neck at nighttime and follow with your moisturiser if desired.  Use as one-month intensive treatment or all year round.

      It is time to get ‘February-focused’ and shift the attention on your skin and Gatineau’s ‘Daily Age Benefit Anti-Ageing Skincare Collection is the perfect starting point for flawless looking skin.  

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