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      Tan Accelerating Lotion

      There are plenty of valid reasons why we all love to spend some time in the sun. First of all, sunlight boosts our levels of serotonin (dubbed the ‘feel-good hormone’) and plays a key role in enhancing ‘positive’ vibes. Not only that, but it produces that all important vitamin D which is good for bones, teeth, skin, hair, and nails and of course who doesn’t feel more confident, healthier, and energised with naturally bronzed skin?

      Unfortunately, most of us lead lifestyles which prevent regular, moderate sun exposure which would encourage normal melanin production and instead, we tend to overexpose our skin to intensive sunlight on an occasional basis which can cause trauma tanning’ prompting discomfort, reddening and skin peeling.  This type of ‘intense’ sun exposure is the most damaging as the skin does not have time to build up its own natural defence against UV damage.

      So, when you’re seeking the ‘least harmful’ version of the thing you love - nailing that natural, all-over sun-kissed glow Gatineau’s Tan Accelerating Lotion will become your new best friend this spring and summer. Our award-winning formula, it should be cemented as a skincare staple no matter what the season, as this youth enhancing face and body lotion might just feel like a luxurious moisturiser, but it does ‘oh so much more’ than simply hydrate. Tan Accelerating Lotion takes all of the hard work out of tanning, by speeding up the skin's natural tanning process before you see the sun, decreasing the amount of time it takes to achieve a sun-kissed tan, not to mention, alleviating the problems of tanning hard to tan areas or being uneven on the front and back. It means you can relax and enjoy your days in the sun, taking regular shade breaks especially in the mid-day sun knowing that you are still maximising every tanning moment.

      At the heart of this formula is a Melanin Activating Peptide and Sweet Orange Extract, two revolutionary actives which work in synergy to boost melanin production before you are exposed to the sun.  The more melanin that is produced the ‘darker’ and more ‘even’ your tan will become when you are exposed to the sun but equally these powerful actives suppress inflammatory cytokines triggered with overexposure to UV ) and provide a protective shield against harmful free radicals Tan Accelerating Lotion works hand in hand with your daily SPF (it isn’t a replacement and does not contain an SPF) acclimatising your skin and building your tolerance to sun exposure gradually, preventing dehydration for a speedier, prolonged and all over tan.

      With the youth boosting benefits of Narcissus Bulb (that’s an extract from Daffodil Bulb FYI) renowned for its cell rejuvenation capabilities, this powerful botanical is all about preserving that all important youthful appearance by supporting the manufacture of elastin and replenishing and repairing stronger skin cells to help defy the signs of time

      And Tan Accelerating Lotion provides you with your very own suit of armour with the addition of a ‘Skin Protection Complex’ derived from Melatonin, which provides a conditioning shield between the complexion and the elements as it supplies skin with bundles of antioxidants to safeguard against environmental damage.

      And whilst we love beauty innovation as much as the next sometimes the old faithful’s just can’t be beat when it comes down to calming and conditioning the skin. Jam-packed with good-to-skin actives that soothe, protect and hydrate, Tan Accelerator will help you look your best during and after your days in the sun. The teaming of Vanilla Extract and Allantoin indulgently cocoon the skin, soothing sun-ravaged cells, helping to mitigate the the effects of sun damage, whilst skin-loving Grapeseed Oil, provides a buffet of ‘good for you fats’ that make worthy opponents when it comes to battling a parched complexion. Considered an indulgent emollient, Grapeseed Oil, rich in Vitamin e will ensure you have supple, soft, and deeply replenished post-sun skin.

      This is where ‘skincare’ meets ‘selfcare’ and I can guarantee that this quintessential face and body lotion will kickstart a serious addiction as it truly elevates your pre and post-holiday skincare routine taking it from mandatory to luxurious whilst encouraging your tan to last as long as the holiday memories!

      Lucy x

      Please note: This product does not contain SPF, so please ensure you always use a high factor SPF. It also does not include self-tan. If self-tan is what you are looking for, try our Golden Glow Gradual Tan here.

      How to use:  Apply daily to face and body for at least 2 weeks before sun exposure. Continue use after periods of sun exposure and for 4 weeks afterwards.



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