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      Supersize Perfection Ultime Miracle Eye Contour Cream!


      We all have those days when we peer at our complexion and every little skin flaw jumps out and shrieks ‘I’m here!’  (You can guarantee it is a day when you want to look your best too!). Whether its dark circles, age spots, fiery blemishes, broken capillaries or even a pesky wrinkle – they all belie those tell-tale signs of sun-damaged, environmentally weakened or visibly ageing skin.


      The trouble is as soon you hit your 30’s your skin’s performance begins to decline with cellular renewal slowing down, and the skin’s invisible but critical surface barrier becoming compromised allowing the skin to lose essential moisture. We can lose 1% of collagen per year from the age of 29.  Then as you make your way into your 40’s the skin’s elastin supply begins to deplete and the blood and lymphatic circulation become sluggish.  Skin loses its plumpness and pores can become enlarged.  And if that wasn’t bad enough as you approach your 50’s women’s oestrogen levels gradually deplete in the body and this creates multiple problems with exacerbated wrinkles, heightened sensitivity, and increased sun damage being just a handful of the issues. 

      So whether you are looking for a line-lessening cream, a camouflage for under eye shadows, a neutraliser for blue tones, a concealer for blemishes, an age-defyer, or to minimise unsightly broken capillaries then look no further because Perfection Ultime™ Miracle Eye Contour can handle them all!


      It may be called Perfection Ultime™ Miracle EYE Contour and even though EYE is in its title, don’t think its application is limited to just that area (it can be used on all areas of the face) and for that reason we have decided to give you this incredible formula in a SUPERSIZE! It's Skincare, so put it everywhere!

      Offering the perfect balance between scientific skincare and sheer make-up, Miracle Eye Contour seamlessly camouflages every kind of skin imperfection without any creasing or cracking whilst feeding the skin with youth-boosting goodness!  A feather light formula (you won’t even know it’s there) which is brimming with highly advanced skincare ingredients and balanced with light diffusing particles, it literally melts into the skin unifying uneven skin tone so you can stay flawless in every eventuality!


      Brimming with the powerful botanical extract of Ginseng Root hugely popular  in Korean skincare since the early 1500’s, it is a "natural skin balancer” and boosts the circulation of the skin's smallest blood vessels, in turn ramping up the synthesis of collagen to tone, energise and refine the skin.

      And this powerhouse formula delivers a big hit of antioxidant botanical extracts including Gingko Biloba which originated from Asia and is considered one of the oldest trees on the planet. Highly concentrated with polyphenols and flavonoids it provides potent antioxidant protection and plays a pivotal role in neutralizing free radicals whilst reducing levels of oxidative stress. 
      Antioxidants are such an important presence in skincare these days as they protect skin against free radicals.  Free radicals are molecules in the environment (caused by air pollutants, chemicals and cigarette smoke) that damage your skin by clinging to collagen, weakening elasticity. Because of their importance, Gatineau scientists have added a cocktail of antioxidants into Miracle Eye Contour including Green Tea which is a top pick for not only your tea cup but equally in skin products as it acts as an anti-inflammatory and skin brightener. And then there is ‘best for everything’ Vitamin E.  A very popular antioxidant because it does ‘that little bit of everything’ -  it is a strong shield against premature ageing, a natural anti-inflammatory and a pro at keeping skin soft and supple. 
      And the cocktail of precious extracts is endless in Miracle Eye Contour with the addition of Aloe Vera which most of us associate as the ‘miracle plant’ that offers immediate relief after spending the day in the sun. And that is down to its nutrient-packed glossary (it contains no less than 200 biologically active naturally occurring elements) which includes polysaccharides that give hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits, phtyosterols which help to soothe irritations and quickly take down redness.  And then there is the comprehensive list of vitamins – A, B , C, D and E as well as minerals like magnesium, potassium and zinc which all collectively enhance radiance and replenish for skin that feels plump and looks dewy.

      And to ensure Miracle Eye Contour floods the skin with moisture it has been whipped up with a hefty dose of Grapeseed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid which unite to leave skin sublimely smooth and silky soft.
      But I guess what make this product so cult is the optic brighteners and natural minerals which create the colour adjusting formula that immediately flatters any skin tone for that airbrushed level of perfection. An eye brightener, an on the spot cover up, a diffuser of fine lines and wrinkles and an age-defying cream in one, this sheer formula will wave away anything that isn’t perfect and impart an even luminous finish.  It will have you reaching for it every day.  

      Lucy x

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