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      Spring into Summer

      So our skin has finally made it to April having endured a pretty harsh, cold few months so what better time than now for it to spring into action and get ‘summer ready’.  And of course what we all really want to achieve is that dewy fresh ‘no make-up’ look which shouts flawless – but that’s easier said than done especially with every crease, wrinkle and pigmentation flaw that seems to appear with every year that passes!

      Skincare is like clothing – it needs to be modified depending on the season – and that means changing up formulas and textures to address the ever changing needs of the largest organ in our body (that’s right our skin!).  Having taken a real battering this winter our skin has had essential moisture sucked out of it which has left it parched, wrinkled like a prune and quite frankly looking incredibly glowLESS!   Water is the basic substance in our skin that transports vitamins and nutrients to skin cells.  This keeps them plump and healthy and younger looking.  In order for our skin to protect itself it must be adequately hydrated and aside from drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily your skincare is the most effective way to service the skin with vital moisture.

      Enter Gatineau’s ‘Spring into Summer’ skincare collection  - a real rescue package containing no less than 4 targeted products to supercharge the skin and restore health and  happiness.
      It is no lie that flawless looking skin ALWAYS begins with proper cleansing – it is the single most important step in your skincare regime but I find it is quite often left out!  I hear numerous excuses like it’s time consuming or ‘I don’t wear make-up’ but the truth of the matter is that the air surrounding us is far from pristine and full of toxins which love to cling to the skin leaving it somewhat overcast!  Micellar Water is a very clever and speedy way to ‘spring clean’ the skin and simply wiped over the skin it can very effectively remove stubborn makeup, impurities, toxins and dead skin cells. It’s a 3-in- 1 product too so it’s your cleanser, toner and eye make-up remover and applied with Gatineau’s signature Gentle Silk Cotton’s, it leaves skin super refreshed as well as squeaky clean.

      And then of course we come to the jewels of the collection with two of our most recent launches in the shape of Perfection Ultime Anti-aging Complexion Cream and Perfection Ultime Miracle eye Contour – and ‘miracle’ really does do these two products justice.  The incredible lightweight age-defying moisturiser comes with an SPF 30 and not only intensively hydrates, repairs and protects the skin from harmful environmental aggressions but it comes in 3 sheer shades to illuminate, highlight and really even out the skin complexion.  It literally melts into the skin for a flawless airbrushed effect and without looking like heavy make-up has been applied. Follow this with a seamless application of Miracle Eye Contour which is packed with high grade ingredients and you’ve really got a ‘sparkle in your eyes’. This hybrid formula is where skincare meets concealer and immediately blends into the skin blurring imperfections yet highlighting and accentuating too, leaving the eyes truly beautified for a naturally radiant finish.
      And your daily skincare regime wouldn’t be complete without Gatineau’s Throat Gel – in the fight for a radiant and glowing complexion this is certainly one product that can transform this very delicate and prematurely ageing area of the face/ body!. The secret to this flash-firming formula is that it is considered to be a serum rather than a moisturiser and is highly penetrative to target the skin deep down for maximum results.   The combination of ‘Dynalift Technology’, Vitamin E and F and Pentavitine promotes a visible tightening effect, restores elasticity and provides an intense moisturizing and smoothing effect on the surface of the skin.  The effects are instant and long lasting!

      So as Gatineau have yet again pulled it out of the bag quite literally there’s absolutely no excuse to achieving a glowing and faultless complexion and what’s more you can ‘bare all’ this summer and know your skin is still safeguarded against harmful UV rays!  Happy days…….

      Lucy x

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