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      Trending Skincare Ingredients

      Vitamin C - A rich source of anti-oxidants, it provides environmental protection and visible age defying benefits, reducing pigmentation and brightening the complexion. It’s found within our Collagene Expert Hydra Essence where it helps boost the skins radiance.


      Niacinamide A form of Vitamin B3 it boosts hydration levels, evens out skin tone and provides a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on skin.



      Oat Lipids – High in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phospholipids & vitamin E, for nourished and hydrated skin. Oat lipids are in our Age Benefit Melting Cleansing Elixir, they’re readily absorbed into the skin leaving a non-greasy feel.


      Poly Glutamic Acid found within our Defi Lift Marine Firming Mask is a hydration powerhouse that can absorb up to 5000 times its own weight in water, instantly plumping and smoothing the appearance of fine lines. The large molecules draw and hold water to the skin and create a protective film to prevent water loss.



      AHAs - Alpha Hydroxy Acids - are chemical exfoliants derived from fruits and plants that help resurface the upper layer of dead skin cells so that the complexion looks more even and smooth. We use AHAs in our AHA Body Lotion, Collagene Expert Phyto Radiance Cleanser and Radiance Enhancing Enzymatic Gommage.


      GLUCONOLACTONE - a polyhydroxy acid or new generation AHA that helps to gently remove dead skin cells revealing a glowing, luminous and radiant appearance. This is the ingredient that helps give a brilliant post mask glow when using the Defi Lift Marine Firming Mask.



      DefiLift Bio Peptide Complex - helps to improve skin elasticity and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin looks and feels firmer with the complex. The Defi Lift Firming & Toning Body Oil contains the Defi Lift Bio Peptide Complex


      Bio-Retinol Bidens Pilosa - a natural retinol alternative to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without irritation. Found within the Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil It boosts collagen and elastin for anti-wrinkle and firming benefits.


      Alaria Esculenta Marine Extract – skin firming algae with collagen and elastin boosting properties helps sooth and hydrate for more supple looking skin. Found within Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil & Defi Lift Firming Body Oil, it also boosts the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production for intense hydration.


      Algae Oil – Created from the sap of a chestnut tree using biotechnology. Rich in nutrients with over 90% Omega 9. Increased moisturisation so skin feels smoother and more supple. Helps prevent water loss from skin. Algae oil is in the Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil & Defi Lift Firming Body Oil


      Pink Pepper – Skin stimulating active to leave skin feeling firmer and tightened. In the Defi Lift Firming & Toning body oil the Pink Pepper oil obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction from Schinus Terebinthifolius Berries. Pink Pepper works by inhibiting Perilipin A synthesis and activating release of glycerol and fatty acids.



      Marine Ferment Extract – Provides skin tightening and wrinkle filling effects. In the Defi Lift Marine Firming Mask the Marine Ferment Extract is a wrinkle filler that works in just 15 minutes with results that last for 6 hours. Wrinkles and skin roughness appear visibly reduced. Repeated applications lead to improvement in collagen and elastin network for long term wrinkle smoothing benefits.


      Tetrapeptides – Help to improve skin density and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

      • Defi Lift Firming Face Mask – patented blend of two anti-ageing tetrapeptides. Replexium reduces the appearance of wrinkles and reveals firmer skin.
      • Age Benefit Hyperpigmentation Serum – Novel peptide for all ethnicities to improve the architecture of the skin. Its inclusive efficacy on skin architecture against wrinkles and sagging was proven in a mixed panel of volunteers with light-pigmented and dark pigmented skin
      • Age Benefit Hyperpigmentation Serum – Biominic primary antioxidant peptide inspired by properties of green tea. Helps to even skin tone, brighten dark spots and illuminate complexion.


      Hyaluronic Acid – Aids water retention and leaves skin feeling smooth and intensely hydrated.


      Polyglutamic Acid – a humectant that provides long lasting moisturisation and helps maintain the skin barrier.


      Tripeptide-5 – skin firming and collagen boosting peptide. Found in the Collagene Expert Hydra Essence it is a powerful collagen and elastin boosting ingredient for visible improvement in signs of ageing and photodamage. Skin is smoother, fine lines and wrinkles reduced and pores appear diminished. Luminosity and firmness is restored.


      Ceramides – Replenishes skin’s lipid layer and leaves the skin feeling replenished with moisture, nourished and smooth. In the Collagene Expert Hydra Essence it is a deeply replenishing lipid concentrate for enhanced skin moisturisation and protection. Skin identical, this ceramide, and fatty acid blend mimics the skin’s lipid barrier in the Stratum Corneum.



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