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      Radiance Enhancing Gommage

      The Ultimate Glow-Getter with Radiance Enhancing Gommage

      Exfoliation is the ultimate ‘glow-getter’ but it's often a misunderstood and mis-performed step of a healthy skincare routine. Simply put, exfoliation is removing surface dead skin cells, to make way for new, healthy, plump cells.  By buffing away these ‘flaky cells’ it also helps to unclog pores, reduce impurities and breakouts, diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles and can actually reveal a smooth, radiant and even skin complexion. I mean would you ever try and paint an uneven wall without sanding it first?

      After years of relying on scratchy, abrasive scrubs and chemical peels with an acid content so high barely any skin cells could survive, the beauty world has become more educated in the art of exfoliation and this is all thanks to Gatineau who paved the way having pioneered the first EVER professional exfoliator ‘Peeling Beaute’ way back in 1949.
      And nearly 70 years later Gatineau continues to celebrate their revolutionary ‘gommage’ formulas and what better example than with the incredible Gatineau Radiance Enhancing Gommage! With a beautiful pearlised gel texture, this granular free exfoliator has been designed to effortlessly glide over the skin (and I am talking about ALL skins – even the most sensitive) and gently melt away the build-up of surface dead skin cells which emphasize a dull, lacklustre and prematurely aged appearance!
      And the secret ingredient to this ‘skin polisher’ lies deeply rooted in apples and the presence of AHA’s (or Malic Acid) within them. Praised as a miracle food for its health and beauty benefits, apples are one of the rare fruits available all year round and has the highest concentration of nutrients to help nourish the skin cells and keep the skin looking healthy. The gentle AHA’s derived from apples bind to the dead skin cells, disrupting the cellular glue holding them together which causes them to lift off just like a ‘quick break’ effect.
      The fresh skin cells are then immersed in Vitamin C (which gives the Radiance Enhancing Gommage it’s deliciously fruity fragrance) to energise them and really restore hydration levels. Research has shown that Vitamin C is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, reduces pigmentation, stimulates collagen production and protects your skin from the build-up of toxic pollution. Expect a dose of this Gommage to leave skin with a luminous bloom, a lustrous glow, and a smooth supple complexion. 

      The Radiance Enhancing Gommage is recommended for use twice a week.  To perfectly cleansed skin, apply a hazelnut size amount to the face and neck sweeping the product down to the décolleté and upper shoulders (as these areas can reveal the signs of sun damage) and massage until the gel consistency turns to a fine balm.  Remove the excess product with a flannel or muslin cloth and for best results follow with one of Gatineau’s much-loved face masks. 

      Lucy x

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