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      Professional Melatogenine Advanced Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate

      A youthful gaze is like trying to adopt the perfect yoga position – it becomes harder to accomplish the older we get!  If our eyes are windows to anything it’s our age not our soul and with the skin being up to 10 times thinner than the rest of the face it’s the first area to show, unattractive eye bags, unwelcome dark shadows and unsightly wrinkles.

      It seems that we all get to a certain age and there they are – you hit 30 and pesky lines appear overnight! Regardless of your heritage or gender, they soon catch up with us all and under eye wrinkles are arguably the worst kinds of wrinkles we all experience.

      Many factors can contribute to ageing around the eye area.   With the skin being so thin and delicate there isn’t always enough moisture available to keep things ticking over and dehydration sets in.  Constant habitual facial movements can form permanent creases in the skin and a poor irrigation system triggers a build-up of toxins causing puffiness and dark circles.  Most significantly with daily exposure to free radicals triggered by external environmental aggressors like UV, pollution, medication, smoking (to name but a few), collagen and elastin (our skin’s support system which keeps skin smooth, supple and firm) becomes damaged.  This leads to a loss of firmness and density (otherwise known as hooded eyes), fine lines and wrinkles (that’s crow’s feet to you and me) and uneven skin tone (usually referred to as dark circles).

      It’s a common belief in the beauty industry that it’s never too early to begin using an eye cream, so whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or older, now’s the time to make a point of adding eye care to your daily beauty regime.  And if you are looking for that miracle product that can smooth wrinkles, depuff bags, and minimise dark circles then step into the world of Gatineau’s Melatogenine™ AOX Pro-biotics.

      Containing the best-of-the-best ingredients this really ticks all the boxes when it comes to ‘priming your eyes’ with the latest in skincare advances. To begin it contains worldwide renowned Melatogenine™ – a super-softening melatonin-inspired molecule which slows down the keratinisation (cell hardening) process whilst speeding the cell renewal rate to match that of younger skins – the result is that epidermal cells don’t dry up, flatten out or toughen up as much.

      Add into the mix powerful anti-oxidants (Thermos Thermophilus and Spelt Wheat Peptide) which are designed to neutralise free radicals and prevent them from entering the skin at a cellular level (they cause a huge path of destruction in terms of accelerated ageing). What’s impressive is that these anti-oxidants are rich in an abundance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and trace elements which are basically all that the body needs to maintain proper balance and function. 

      Then you’ve got a healthy helping of pro-biotics (good bacteria) which seems to be essential ingredient in daily life and holds key benefits for the overall health of the skin, soothing inflammations and strengthening the skin barrier. (Quite significant bearing in mind the eyes are incredibly fragile!).

      And the comprehensive list of ingredients continues with an infusion of Orchid, it’s gentle micro-exfoliating effect smoothing and brightening the skin; Yeast Extract which kick-starts micro-circulation flushing out toxins and awakening dull uneven skin tone; and skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid which provides that soft cushioning and that youthful, plump look typical of younger skin.

      Being a serum, it is lightweight, cooling and effortlessly melts into the skin leaving the eye contour feeling revitalised and refreshed.   Not only that but every little crease and indentation is ironed-out, and the eye contour appears smooth, lifted and bright.

      To use: Apply half a pump to both eyes using the ring fingers and press around the eye contour until absorbed.  Follow with your moisturiser.

      Lucy x

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