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      Product of the Month - Tan Accelerating Lotion

      Read why Claire Cawdell, from our panel of Gatineau Skincare Experts, has chosen the Tan Accelerating Lotion as her summer desert island product and our Product of the Month for June!
      How did you start your career in the beauty industry?
      I started my career working as a Beauty Therapist on cruise ships for several years, where I gained an in-depth knowledge of the skin, how it reacts and changes over time, and what products really work.
      When did you join Gatineau?
      I was delighted to join Gatineau back in 1998 because of its reputation in the industry. I spent many years as an Account Manager visiting our salons & spas to keep them up to date with the very latest product launches and treatments, and now dedicate my time to working on our partnerhip with M&S.
      19 years with Gatineau! You must really love it?
      I think I’m lucky to have found such an amazing skincare brand at a young age and wouldn’t use anything else on my skin now! I am certain that my skin would not be in the condition that it is now (especially after all that sunbathing on those ships in the Caribbean!) had I not been using Gatineau. I really feel privileged that I have worked for such an effective and prestigious brand for so long.
      What is your must-have summer skincare product?
      If I had to choose a desert island product for the summer, it would certainly be the Tan Accelerating Lotion (are you seeing a theme here?!). Although we generally promote the fact that you should use this lotion 2 weeks before going on holiday, during your holiday, and as an after-sun when you return home to prolong your tan, I have seen such amazing benefits using it as my summer body moisturiser throughout. Usually, I start applying it after my shower every day from the beginning of March right through until the end of September. As well as helping to stimulate the melanin production it leaves your skin beautifully soft & smooth.
      So how does the Tan Accelerating Lotion actually work?
      This is a good question, and one I am frequently asked because it’s hard to believe it works when doesn’t contain any fake tan at all! It is formulated with something called MAPs – these are Melanin Activating Peptides, which means they stimulate melanin production in the skin, causing the skin to look visibly tanned. However by stimulating melanin in the skin not only do you tan more easily and evenly, but your skin is also protected from damage and discoloration. That’s why so many people say this product stops them from suffering from heat rash as well.
      What other special ingredients are there?
      Since we all know how harmful the sun can be for the skin, and how it accelerates the ageing process this lotion is formulated with the famous Gatineau youth-activating molecule, Mélatogénine™. It helps bring supple keratin to the skin's surface, reducing fine lines and wrinkles (a must if you are a sun-worshipper!). Then Vanilla Pod Extract introduces anti-oxidants to the mix and provides free radical protection, repairing your skin after sun exposure. And helping it to smell so good!  If, however you do not sit in the sun also helps your self-tan to last longer, and gives the skin a natural healthy glow.
      Why should this be our Product of the Month?
      What I love best about this lotion apart from how effective it is, is that although it feels luxurious as you apply, the lotion absorbs easily & doesn’t feel sticky at all. This is definitely a product I couldn’t be without – but don’t forget your SPF!

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