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      Product of the Month - DefiLift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care

      Summer is now fading fast (did we even have one!) and with the colder weather approaching, one of my main Autumn/Winter concerns is dry, cracked, thinning lips. I hate trying to put on a gorgeous lipstick and having to contend with flaky bits of dry skin which my colour clings to, or the feeling you get during the day of tight, irritated, dehydrated lips.
      A bit about the lips…
      One of the first things to note is that more moisture is lost through the lips than through any other part of the face or body!
      This fragile area has little lubrication and is subject to irritation and chapping, this is also influenced by weather and lack of hydration (yes that again). It becomes tempting to keep licking dry or cracked lips, but this will only dry your lips more.
      As well as losing moisture, ageing also means lips lose volume thanks to the natural degradation of collagen and elastin. Lines and wrinkles can also start to develop. Without any attention, the lips will age faster than other areas of the skin so it’s important to treat them to slow down the effects. 
      Luckily, I have the perfect solution to moisturise, inflate my lips (in a natural looking way – no trout pouts) and give them a gorgeous sheen!
      Introducing the Defilift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care…
      This is so much more than just a lip balm, it’s an anti-ageing solution; it will nourish your lips, leaving them feeling soft and gorgeous, it will add volume and fullness to lips that have started to lose their shape and it will also help to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area.
      It’s an easy product to use and you get instant results, making this the perfect product for me.
      Lips will appear smoother, fuller and more defined. It’s not just me that thinks so, our study also shows amazing results….
      Clinical Trial Results* –
      100% Lips more supple
      95% Moisturised After 21 days
      89% of our participants found an 8% increase in lip volume
      * Dermscan Independent Clinical Trial. Percentage of satisfaction among trial subjects
      So how does it work?
      Gatineau’s DefiLift technology is one of the main factors here, using corn rice and wheat proteins to plump the lip and surrounding skin from within. Hyaluronic acids stimulate cell plumping for a volumising effect.

      Lavender Extract is present, which is well known for its healing properties, it helps to soothe chapped lips and calm any irritation.

      Shea Butter is next, this fab natural moisturiser is indispensable for nourishing the lips and provides much needed essential fatty acids.

      Then last but not least we have Olive Extract which works on any dehydration lines increasing skin hydration and moisture.
      How to use…
      This nourishment-packed lip savior can be used in a couple of different ways…

      Firstly, use throughout the day as often as you like to keep those lips kissable and soft.  Can be used under or over any lip colour products.

      Or use as an intensive lip mask….apply all over lip area and concentrate on the cupids bow, use ring finger to smooth into lip line area and into any lines and wrinkles. Wake up to a smoother, fuller lip.
      You may experience a tiny buzzy feeling, it’s very subtle so enjoy the active ingredients getting to work on your lips.
      Tips and tricks
      If you find it difficult to remember to apply– keep next to your bed so you don’t forget or if you like me, have it in your handbag and/or car for on the go applications.
      To make the most out of your lips, why not apply the Radiance Enhancing Gommage first and smooth across the lip area, this soft enzymatic exfoliator will buff off any dead flaky skin. Next, remove the gommage and apply a natural coloured lip liner to define your lips, then add the piece du resistance – DefiLift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care to leave you with a beautiful smile for the rest of your day…..Enjoy.

      Sally x

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