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      Probiotics in skincare - the good bacteria!

      With us all being couped up ‘on and off’ for a little over a year now the ‘skin microbiome’ is all the skincare industry can talk about. Lockdown really has had a lot to answer for in more ways than one but if you’ve noticed any changes to your complexion this past year -  maybe some unexplained inflammation, the sudden appearance of dry patches, out of character breakouts, or you just feel it is out of whack -  chances are you have what is deemed ‘an impaired skin microbiome’ which, if left untreated can bring a whole host of other issues to your door in the future!

      Otherwise known as your skin’s first line of defence, your microbiome is an invisible yet indigenous collection of bugs and bacteria that live, breathe, snack and metabolise on the surface of your skin co-existing to fight infections, thwart environmental damage, boost immunity and regulate pH levels. Everybody has their own unique microbiome (almost like a fingerprint), but this delicate balance of microorganisms can be frequently impacted by various environmental and external factors including pollution, UV rays, humidity, and harsh chemicals, not to mention stress, sleep deprivation and poor diet which leave your skin overtly exposed.

      Promoting healthy skin from the 'outside in' is crucial to its well-being at any age especially if you feel like it’s weathered a storm recently and the ultimate way to restore that all important balance is to feed it with some Probiotics (good bacteria) and rebuild that primary defence shield. Powering up your daily regime with a little dusting of ‘probiotic technology’ safeguards a stronger and more resilient complexion (I think we could all benefit from a little bit of that!) and what better skincare house to cherry-pick than Gatineau, whose team of top biochemists made it their mission to hunt down a superior remedy with a 360 degree approach supporting skin’s immunity whilst addressing targeted concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, cellular fatigue and dehydration, allowing you to live in perfect harmony. Melatogenine Morphobiotique™ - a niche collection of three products inspired by nature and empowered by science and formulated to rebalance your skin’s ecosystem, reduce cellular damage, counteract lines and wrinkles and promise a more luminous complexion is your answer!

      Starring a highly-potent age defying serum, a youth prolonging eye cream and a restorative protective moisturiser, this trio fuses pioneering probiotic ingredients with powerful botanicals – Great Burdock Root and Chestnut Seed Extract - to ensure nothing stands in the way of a youthful peacekeeping, fresh faced complexion. With the addition of humectant rich Glycerin, the products provide a quenching lifeline to depleted moisture levels leaving you with a supple, bouncy and dewy skin. This targeted range really hits all of your skin’s re-set buttons which gives you the opportunity to push the re-set button on life…….

      Lucy x

      Melatogenine MorphoBiotique Cream 30ml - £58
      Melatogenine MorphoBiotique Cream 50ml - £89
      Melatogenine MorphoBiotique Serum 30ml - £69


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