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      Perfection Ultime Radiance Perfecting Drops

      Have you ever wished that there was just one miracle product out there that would provide your skin with that ‘lit from within’ glow?  It is a sad fact that with every year that passes the quest for smooth, radiant and blooming skin literally becomes an impossible mission to achieve.  And whereas a few lines and wrinkles are wholeheartedly accepted as part of the skin’s personality, a dull and lifeless complexion is not!  And because there are so many contributing factors that put the skin through its paces, whether it be pollution, poor skincare regimes, bad lifestyle choices or over exposure to the sun, there is no miracle cure………well until now!


      New Product
      Having spent years perfecting their formulas Gatineau scientists have finally come up with the  latest illuminating skincare creation designed to literally make your skin ‘radiate with radiance’.  Perfection Ultime™ Radiance Perfecting Drops are non-greasy, illuminating finishing drops that effortlessly transform dull, lacklustre skin restoring luminosity and sparkle! Packed with a potent anti-ageing formula this highlighting primer coats the skin in moisture and infuses an instant pearlescent, all-over glow.  At this time of the year, all of us are in need of a little skin pick-me-up and to me this is really going to get your skin noticed!

      It has (as ever) been formulated with the highest grade ingredients which takes us on a journey into Japan.  Redsnow™ or Japanese Camelia oil has been a treasured beauty secret of ancient Geisha’s and Japanese women for centuries.  This precious oil (also known as Tsubaki Oil) is known for its unique ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin because it has a very similar composition to the skins natural sebum. Super-enriched with oleic acid, plant collagen, Vitamins A, E and D and nourishing Omegas, Camelia Oil saturates the skin cells helping to repair and encourage healthy skin production. Packed full of anti-oxidants and vital nutrients it has outstanding moisture retaining ability and it is easy to understand how it gave the Japanese women flawless porcelain youthful skin and long beautiful shiny hair. 
      And Gatineau does not finish at precious Tsubaki Oil.  This incredible skincare journey continues across the globe to South Africa where Scelerocarya Birrea Seed Oil (otherwise known as Marula Oil) is another extraordinary skin regenerating beauty secret deeply rooted in history.   With the extreme South African climate Marula Oil was traditionally used to protect and regenerate the skin in the dry hot climate and seeing as it has 60 percent more antioxidants than Argan Oil I suppose you could really consider this treasured oil as the new kid on the block! Marula oil has the richest plant source of Omegas 9 and therefore helps build resilience and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier which will help thwart these ‘tiresome toxins’ from entering the skin.  Fact: Toxin-free skin equates to healthy dewy skin!

      Whether your skin is ageing, dry or sensitive there is no question that Vitamin C does fantastic things for the skin.  The glow you can get after even a few days of use is just the visible part but Vitamin C is extremely rich in antioxidants which help fight age-causing free radicals, even out pigmentation, stimulate collagen production and intensively hydrate the skin. It’s not just that morning glass of orange juice that is essential to ward off colds and coughs – multi-tasking Vitamin C is a no-brainer as an additional ingredient to add to our Radiance Perfecting Drops to put the vitality back into sluggish skin.  

      And it wouldn’t be perfection without a tiny bit of scienc-y powder filled spheres – it is just like stardust! This microsphere technology is capable of diffusing the light to leave the skin with a really soft focus effect – not only that they are also capable of absorbing any surface oil to eliminate unwanted shine, whilst blurring out open pores and fine lines! Now that really is magic!
      With the uplifting notes of Geranium Oil these delicately fragranced perfecting drops offer the perfect balance between anti-ageing skincare and a luminous and vibrant beauty glow.   

      How to use
      The best way to use this is as the last step in your morning skincare routine. Only a few drops are needed after your serum and moisturiser – or if time poor then pop a few drops into your moisturiser. For a more intense glow it can even be applied over make-up and watch your skin become lit from within.

      Lucy xx

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