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      Perfect Partners!

      The official jour d’amour is just around the corner, and nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day (or Happy Galentine’s Day) more than a touch of Gatineau skincare whether you are celebrating this day of love with a significant other, or just showing appreciation for partners, friends, or even yourself. If you need some inspiration for either version of this special occasion and want to break free from the predictable boxes of chocolates and overpriced bouquets, read on as I spoil for you for choice with some ‘perfect partners’ that celebrate love in its truest form – through the power of skincare.

      As with relationships sometimes the experience with two is better than one – think Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, Prince Willam and Princess Kate.  The same rings true when it comes to certain skincare pairings – some just work better together – its like they’ve met their perfect match!

      Gentle Silk Cleanser and Toner

      For instance, a cleanser and toner work better together because the toner will complete the cleansing process and prepare the perfect canvas for the serums and moisturisers. Love and skincare entwine when Gentle Silk Cleanser meets Gentle Silk Toner.  Silky, creamy textures enriched with the brands utterly exquisite silk and cottonseed extract, these formulas have been made with even the most delicate skin types in mind to not only effectively cleanse and tone your face but turn the whole affair into a moment of calm and tranquillity.

      Radiance Enhancing Gommage

      If you are seeking a brighter more even skin tone, then Exfoliating BHA & PHA Glow Tonique and Radiance Enhancing Gommage are another great double act. Working brilliantly solo but even better together this seriously fruity duo go above and beyond and simply let your natural beauty shine through revealing fresh, clear glowy skin in minutes.  First up the resurfacing Glow Tonique is an instantly refreshing daily toner with a twist providing exquisite exfoliation using an intelligent blend of Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA’s) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA’s) to gently sweep away dead skin cells whilst a hydrating cocktail of actives are a dream come true for parched complexions. Next the iconic Radiance Enhancing Gommage is a twice weekly ritual which promises to reveal your newfound glow.  A granular-free formula with just the right concentration of three naturally derived exfoliating acids that complement each other to gently remove dead skin cells and brighten the complexion, it is ideal for addressing dullness, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, fine lines and congestion. With these couple of exfoliating companions on your bathroom shelf you can join the no filer necessary revolution - it’s a skin ‘win’ all round!

      Collagene Expert Smoothing Serum

      Another great example of two hero products working together is a serum and a moisturiser.  A serum (AKA the problem-solver) works in the lower levels of the skin for maximum impact to boost the benefits of your moisturiser and the moisturiser cherishes and protects locking in the benefits of your serum – the two really are a match made in heaven.  Collagene Expert’s Smoothing Serum and Ceramide Smoothing Cream are skin plumping powerhouses which lay the foundation for your loved one’s skincare journey no matter what their age or skin type. Parched and wrinkled skin rejoice because as far as holy grail ingredients go when it comes to combating the signs of ageing you don’t get much more significant than radiance boosting Vitamin C and Collagen Peptides, the superstar ingredients in this partnership duo.  Collagen Peptides mimic our natural collagen (the most abundant protein in the body which provides skin with structure, resilience, and shape) boosting elasticity and smoothness and, well, Vitamin C just always triumphs – you name it, and this essential nutrient can fix it!  An iconic pair of age-defying heroes with souffle textures offering irresistible skin plumping and petal-soft skin. You will spark a lifelong love affair with these beauties.

      Collagene Expert Plumping Revival Mask

      Like with love, trying to find your perfect match can feel like a loser’s game — how many times can we swipe left before our knight in shining armour appears? Well indulgence does begin with ‘I’ and Valentine’s shouldn’t just be about others – its an opportunity to indulge in a little self-care and show your skin the love it deserves. Collagene Expert Plumping Revival Mask and Smoothing Eye Compresses are a match made in heaven and the ultimate self-care experience that will leave you looking and feeling your best. The clue is in the name when it comes to ‘Plumping Revival’ and this fast-acting souffle-textured remedy offers immediate smoothing effects thanks to the cutting edge ‘collagen actives’ that work to swiftly diminish the depth of lines and wrinkles within minutes of application. With a perfect pairing of Hyaluronic Acid and Barley Extract, cells are flooded with much needed moisture to maintain bounce so you can expect a cheek-to-cheek glow that is as satisfyingly smooth as it is radiant. And say cheers to revived and cooled eye contours with ‘flash patch’ restoring Collagen Compresses which are a fast fix for tired, crumpled eyes.  These innovative collagen-soaked rescues add a touch of luxury to your skincare regime and get straight to work perking up dull, crepy peepers (ideal for disguising signs of a late night) and for extra soothing qualities keep these in the fridge - they are eye-deal for puffy skin in need of some serious salvaging! It will be love at first sight with this ‘pas de deux,’ so kick back and relax and let these little beauties take your skin-woes to skin-wows.

      So, if you are still trying to track down that ‘swoon-worthy’ gift for ‘G’ or ‘V’ Day look no further as Gatineau has you covered with cutting-edge skincare products which quickly set the mood for love and self-care in a way that hearts and flowers just can’t touch. It may be winter grey outside, but your loved one will sparkle and shine wherever they go.


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