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      Original Floracil Gentle Eye Make-up Remover!

      Stripping off my eye make-up is the absolute last thing I feel like doing after a night out with friends and one too many cocktails!  And I have to admit I have on more than one occasion skipped this step, crawled under the sheets and fallen asleep with a full face of make-up on. BUT I always regret my actions in the morning when I look at my bedraggled self in the mirror and see an unflattering combination of smeared mascara, under eye bags and dark circles staring back at me.

      No matter how tired we are it is an absolute beauty ‘code of conduct’ to remove ALL traces of make-up before hitting the pillow for that all-important shut eye! Think of the eyes like silk, the face like cotton and the body like denim – no three garments are ever washed the same and this goes for skin too!

      With that in mind finding a nurturing yet highly effective eye make-up remover (make-up wipes really don’t cut it and oily eye make-up removers can leave a vision-blurring film of grease) that doesn’t require excessive rubbing, tugging and stretching of the delicate skin is hard to find and product texture is key especially if you suffer from very sensitive eyes or you are a false lash lover.

      Why is it so loved?
      And I can see why you all loved it so much in the first place as this super gentle liquid takes all the grimy hard work out of eradicating eye make-up. Floracil is wonderfully refreshing and cooling and it literally melts away all remnants of everyday make-up and impurities without any harsh rubbing. What’s more, it’s non-oily, non-drying and non-irritating. It is what I call ‘soft on skin and strong on make-up’ and for me it leaves my eyes feeling completely pampered and my lashes soft and nourished. What is very clever is the fact Gatineau Dermatologists have formulated Floracil with the same pH level as our natural tears so it means it won’t sting and is perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers – it’s even been Dermatologist tested. 

      And this high performing formula really is the epitome of indulgence with its invigorating aqua blue colour, effortless dissolving of everyday make-up and instant soothing and decongesting effect. You can even pop it in the fridge and use it as a cooling and soothing eye mask for those days when the eyes are puffy, irritated or swollen.

      How to use:
      For best results dampen 2 cotton pads with water.  Add 2 pumps of Floracil Gentle Eye Make-up Remover to each cotton pad and place over the eyes. 
      SOAK – hold over the eyes for 10 seconds to allow the make-up to loosen.
      SWEEP – sweep down the lashes to remove mascara and any residual make-up
      SOOTHE – the eyes feel cool, calm and refreshed. 

      Lucy xx

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