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      Nutriactive Mediation Rich Cream - Beauty Steal this February on QVC!

      Whether it’s weather-induced, central heating or just a case of growing old, dry skin can really be a bother. Our skin can’t speak, which is a pity because if it could, it would be so much easier to address its ever changing needs!

      Although you may assume the two things are the same because their symptoms appear similar there is a big difference between dry and dehydrated skin. A dehydrated skin can affect anyone regardless of their skin type and is a depletion of water levels which leaves the complexion feeling parched, tight, and lacklustre whereas a dry skin is characterized by rough, flaky patches together with hereditary small pores due to a deficiency in lipids.


      In a nutshell, lipids are skin’s natural fats. They are essential components of skin and play a crucial role in maintaining the strength of the skin’s protective barrier, the unsung hero of a healthy-looking complexion and an integral part of skin immunity providing a waterproof barrier and performing a bit like a bodyguard – we all need a strong barrier! Think of it like a brick-and-mortar structure: imagine your compacted dead skin cells are the bricks, and the mortar consist of lipids and ceramides that binds everything together protecting the cells in a bubble whilst keeping them soft and supple. When the barrier is damaged, the mortar (lipid levels) becomes exceptionally low leading to cracks and gaps and exposing skin to toxins and allergens whilst causing the evaporation of precious water. As a result, skin becomes dry and inflamed, and because lipids are an essential part in the fight against ‘wrinkle gate’ it can cause accelerated ageing too!

      A damaged barrier can be caused by a number of factors. Age is a contributor - as time marches on skin naturally becomes more fragile and a depletion of naturally occurring substances such as collagen and elastin can also lead to a thinner, drier complexion. The production of natural lipids and ceramides that make up 50% of the barrier naturally decline in your 30’s and skin can lose up to 40%. By your 40’s this increases to 60% and when menopause strikes the skin can lose up to 80% of the natural lipid content.

      Then there’s genetics which includes inheriting skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, all inflammatory conditions accompanied by a weakened barrier. And what about self-sabotage – overzealous cleansing or exfoliating, environmental factors (fluctuating temperatures and UV damage) and anything that spurs the release of free radicals (those pesky unstable molecules that wreak havoc on skin, damaging cells, destructing collagen, and depleting lipid levels). A strong, well-functioning lipid barrier is the foundation of healthy glowing skin and rule one in beauty is that you can own the best make up in the world, but it won't look good unless your skin is happy, nourished and balanced.

      With a super velvety whipped cream-esque texture meet Gatineau’s answer to dry, irritated skin that craves a fast track to a baby-soft complexion. Our Nutriactive Mediation Rich Cream is a legendary 24-hour face cream that has been around for decades and is a tried and trusted formula. Brought back by popular demand for its ability to delve deep down into flaky patches and bring parched rough skin back from the brink this deeply reparative moisturiser is in it for the long-haul lending both instant and long-lasting nourishment and hydration.

      At the heart of this unassuming formula is a rockstar collection of essential omegas (omega 3 and 6) derived from Shea Butter which provide a buffet of ‘good for your fats’ and make worthy opponents when it comes to battling dry skin. Used for centuries to relieve dryness, Shea Butter is the king of beauty ingredients when it comes to empowering the protective layer of your skin. Loaded with antioxidants, Shea Butter is considered ‘occlusive’ as it works hard to form a shielding layer on the surface of the skin and create a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Teamed with Glycerine, a potent humectant, it acts like a ‘moisture magnet’ attracting and transporting critical water into the skin creating the perfect internal oasis.

      Celebrating a core ingredient and bottling a bank of nourishing properties is Squalane (derived from plant sources), a real contender when it comes to achieving a soft, smooth, and supple complexion. Squalane is an ingredient designed to mimic squalene, a natural molecule present in your skin barrier (the outermost layer of your skin) that prevents water from evaporating and protects you from bacteria, allergens, and other unwelcome invaders. Squalene makes up about 10% of your skin’s oil and is incredibly important when it comes to skin health. An impressive hydrating heavyweight and antioxidant in its own right you most certainly want to get it back into your skin – so don’t be shy to slather it on.

      Redness can be caused by many triggers whether it’s shifting weather patterns, too much sun or over-exposure to elemental stress. Our skin works hard to adapt but inflammation is the body’s way of sending out an SOS that the protective barrier is compromised. When skin becomes inflamed it turns skin red because blood rushes to the site with oxygen and immune cells to fix the damage. Harnessing the power of Melilotus Officinalis, otherwise known as Sweet Clover, this curative plant gets stressed out skin in check calming and desensitising the complexion. Supported up by an injection of vitamin E and you’ve got yourself a double measure when it comes to protecting even the most stressed of complexions from environmental aggressors ‘express style’!

      The icing on top of your skincare regime, this deeply nurturing formula comes to the rescue of depleted, irritated complexions with a wave of strengthening, protective and soothing ingredients. Comforting, yet lightweight, Nutriactive Mediation Cream is where ‘skincare’ meets ‘self-care’ marrying moisture with nourishment to dial up the ‘dew’ and restore calm where there’s chaos like a healing hug for your complexion.

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