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      NEW White Jade Facial Roller

      With 43 muscles in the face alone and the fact that it takes an incredible 12 muscles just to make you smile and 11 muscles to create a frown it’s no wonder the skin begins to permanently crinkle and pucker over time.
      Every line tells a story whether it’s distinguished forehead lines (caused by extensive raising of those brows),   illustrious 11’s in between the brows (instigated by too much scowling), crow’s feet on the temples (a consequence of  squinting) or nose to mouth lines (triggered by a broad smile and laughter). All of our 43 facial muscles can store a lot of tension with persistent use and your unique pattern of facial expression lines will predict your pattern of future persistent wrinkles. And while it seemed as if fillers and Botox would be the secret of stealth rejuvenation, not everyone wants invasive and sometimes painful cosmetic procedures with the end result quite often being a frozen expression!

      Rolling smooth, cold jade stones over your skin has been playing a beauty booster role in skin-care for centuries.  Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, Jade rolling is believed to have been practiced by wealthy Chinese women as far back as the seventh century to promote and maintain health and beauty.  In fact the healing semi-precious gemstone is considered a sign of power and immortality and is believed to have healing, calming and protective properties and helps strengthen the body’s natural defences.
      Just as exercise can tone the body the jade roller can tone your face and iron out those kinks.   The art of rolling and massaging the skin with the rollers revs up the blood and lymph flow which can effectively clear fluid, eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness and bring more oxygen to the skin surface improving cell turnover and skin tone.

      All this detoxing and increase in Chi (translated as vital energy) will lead to more luminosity, clarity, and glow in the complexion and keep it in the healthiest condition whilst the natural anti-inflammatory property of the white jade gemstone will also help to reduce redness and other signs of skin irritation.

      From an anti-ageing perspective, just a few minutes of massaging the muscles and fasciae of the face and neck will help to release tension, dampen down wrinkles and plump and firm the skin.   This powerful little workhorse really can contribute to that ‘eight-hours-of-sleep’ youthful complexion we're all striving for!

      How to use:
      After applying your chosen Gatineau Serum begin the jade roller movements repeating each movement 3 times:
      Start at the base of your neck and roll upwards to the jawline working against gravity.
      From the middle of your chin make broad strokes with the roller out towards your ear
      Roll from your jawline up towards the middle of your cheeks 
      Continue with the broad strokes from the side of the nose to the ear
      Roll down the length of the nose
      Roll out from the tear duct to the temple
      Roll along the brow from the 3rd eye to the temple
      Roll from the eyebrows up to your hairline.
      Finish by rolling from the middle of the forehead out towards the temples.

      The newest Professional tool in the Gatineau collection is available exclusively in our DefiLIFT 3D Firming Face & Body Collection on the 9th September. 

      Lucy x

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