New DefiLift™ 3D Lift Mask - QVC Pick of the Month – Gatineau Skincare

      New DefiLift™ 3D Lift Mask - QVC Pick of the Month

      Skin Elasticity

      There are countless lifestyle factors wreaking havoc with our skin - from sun damage and weight loss to smoking and sleep deprivation.  No less than 22 muscles are activated in your face over 15,000 times per day, putting your skin under strain every time you speak or make an expression.

      There’s NO debating the fact that as we age our skin loses its elasticity and becomes wrinkled. I think there is a significant change in the skin from the age of 45 and since that age is not too far off for me I am forever examining it to mark those changes!  

      I always say that it is easy to identify a line or a wrinkle on the face but it is just as easy to overlook skin slackening – in other words ‘loss of elasticity and spring in the skin’. There are the obvious characteristics of course – loose skin around the neck and eyes – but there are less obvious features and it is easy to ignore or miss the signs!

      If you are still uncertain about whether your skin is suffering from loss of elasticity then simply take a skin elasticity test – just pinch the skin on the back of your hand with your thumb and forefinger and hold it for five seconds. Let go and time how long it takes for the skin to flatten back out. The shorter the time, the younger the ‘functional age’ of the skin.
      The new DefiLift™ 3D Lift Mask
      Gatineau has always prided itself on the quality and immediate results that our salon-grade formula face masks deliver. Both the Mélatogénine Futur Plus mask and AquaMemory High Hydration Cream Mask are no fuss, creamy formulas, which are quick to apply and super-absorbent. They offer instant hydration and skin plumping and smoothing, promoting a fresh luminous complexion after just a few minutes.    
      Enter Gatineau’s DefiLift 3D Lift Mask – a professional salon secret for many years. This is a completely unique and diverse treatment mask. Designed for skin with loss of elasticity this is all about tightening, firming and refining the look of the face, neck and décolleté whilst restoring resilience and power to facial features. This really is all about taking the professional salon facial to the comfort of your own home!
      How it works
      Gatineau’s DefiLift 3D Lift Mask has been formulated with exclusive Plant Protein Technology which creates an incredible in-depth contracting effect on the elastin fibres to rebuild the skin’s support network and create a visible lift effect.
      With the addition of Vitamin F an invisible veil is weaved on the skin surface promoting an immediate tightening action to help the skin defy gravity.
      Hyaluronic Acid delivers deep down hydration and after 20-30 minutes skin achieves an instant 3D lifting effect and appears smooth and rejuvenated.  Facial contours are redefined and the complexion appears luminous and fresh. 
      How to use
      You can integrate this powerful skin lifting mask into your weekly routine to achieve incredible results.
      Follow my ‘at home’ tips and tricks to maximise the results of the DefiLift 3D Lift Mask.
      • Time –To achieve the maximum lift effect you do need to allow yourself at least 20-30 minutes once the mask has been applied so make sure you choose a time when you are not in a hurry. This is all about benefiting from a professional salon-grade treatment mask in the comfort of your own home so don’t short-change your skin!
      • The Pot – The DefiLift 3D Lift Mask is a luxurious syrupy gel cream with an almost gloopy texture so to ensure no spillage always hold the pot upright, opening with care.
      • Before - Cleanse the skin thoroughly prior to application ideally using the Gentle Silk Cleanser and Toner or Mélatogénine Refreshing Cleansing Cream. Ensure the skin is completely dry.
      • Application – Designed for the face, neck and décolleté. Using the mask brush provided, apply a very thin even layer of the mask starting from the décolleté and working with upward strokes to the neck and face covering all zones evenly.  Pay particular attention to the jawline, jowls and other areas of concern.  
      • The Eyes – Avoid the under eye area (if you have Collagene Expert Smoothing Eye Pads apply these under the eyes prior to mask application) but do apply the mask on the brows as this will benefit hooded eyes.
      • The Treatment Time – Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes to ensure maximum results.  As the mask begins to dry the surface of the skin will contract and feel tight.
      • The Removal – Using a face cloth soaked in tepid water, rinse the face mask thoroughly until completely removed and tone the skin and blot dry.  Apply your face serum, eye serum and moisturiser to finish.
      • Frequency – Apply the DefiLift 3D Lift Mask twice weekly and on alternative nights use either Mélatogénine Futur Plus Anti-wrinkle Radiance Mask or AquaMemory High Hydration Cream Mask to maximise on skin plumping and hydration.

       Lucy x

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