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      New Defi Lift Firming & Toning Body Oil

      Nothing replenishes dry skin better than a luxurious lashing of body oil, but contrary to popular belief body oils aren’t solely for the dry-skinned. Body Lotions serve their purpose for daily hydration but sometimes our skin is craving something a bit more luxurious and body oils should be considered a treasured addition to our skincare regime due to the multiple favours they can do for our bodies and minds

      Our body goes through a lot during our lifetime from fluctuating weight, pregnancy or just time catching up with us and skin can begin to sag, and wrinkles on the body can start to show. Our NEW Defi Lift Firming Body Oil is an opulent silky textured oil which is talented at fulfilling many roles whether it is to plenish winter-worn skin, deliver a post-shave softness, whip uneven skin texture into shape or help restore every inch of your hard-working body,

      A skin-supportive formula, this is the ultimate fountain of youth, with an incredibly lightweight and non-greasy texture which sinks in almost immediately zeroing in on ‘parched limbs,’ ‘fragile fabric’ and ‘bumpy booties.’ It promises a soft, supple, and nourished physique and as it rapidly diffuses when massaged into skin expect a gorgeous luminous lustre to be uncovered as this opulent oil envelopes you in a heavenly aromatic scent.

      Supercharged with Defi Lift’s ‘Biopeptide Complex’s iconic state-of-the-art complex, it is able to prompt cells to produce vast amounts of skin-plumping collagen, in turn repairing fraying fabric to restore skin’s pliability and strength and counteracting sagging, crepiness and wrinkling. And feel ‘firmly’ assured with the addition of antioxidant rich Alaria Esculenta Oil, an intelligent marine kelp derived from Greenland’s glacial waters, which is renowned for its incredible reverse-ageing effects. This secret weapon against time dramatically boosts Hyaluronic Acid production and is a true humectant hero transforming skin to turn it baby-soft and uber-dewy.

      And if you are looking for a formula that requires minimal effort but delivers on results then you are going to love the addition of skin toning Pink Pepper Oil, derived from a tree that grows on the island of Madagascar, together with caffeine rich Arabica Coffee Oil which collectively infuse skin with powerful adipocyte burning actives to fight stubborn fat molecules, weakening their protective shield and making them more vulnerable and easier to burn. Think ‘perkier posterior’ and ‘svelte silhouette’ as this powerhouse firming oil whisks your body into shape!

      And the icing on the cake has to fall to the buffet of nourishing actives including oat lipids, Almond, Rosehip, Grapeseed and Black Cumin seed oils which veil the skin in hero hydration and fleecy goodness leaving skin cashmere-soft from neck to toe.

      Encased in a beautiful glass bottle, this lavish oil that will be sure to add a touch of luxe to your bathroom shelf and is a truly enchanting choice for your body to flourish and nourish whilst bestowing a subtle scent that truly lingers indulging your skin whilst complimenting your mood.

      Lucy x

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