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      MEGASIZE Defi Lift 3D Toned Firming Neck and Décolleté Gel

      No matter how healthy your face looks, your neckline can tell a different story. A once firm, smooth and robust area of the body your neck can start to age as early as your 20’s where it slowly turns from swan to turkey. I hate to break it to you but if your skincare stops at your jaw, you’re doing it wrong! Just south of your face, your delicate neck and décolletage lie just as exposed to UV rays, pollution and other external aggressors that ultimately have a profound ageing effect on the skin. And the features that make your neckline so beautiful like thin and delicate skin are unfortunately the same features that make it prone to early signs of ageing.

      The skin from chin to chest is in fact much thinner and fragile than the face and with very few sebaceous glands is prone to acute wrinkle formation. This area is also more vulnerable to photosensitisation from fragrances, and the wrinkle-deepening motion of looking down at your devices otherwise dubbed ‘tech neck’ (yet another reason to stop staring at our phones!). Then there are a pair of muscles located in the centre of your neck known as the platysma muscles and they have the appearance of bands, but you can’t see them until your neck starts to age. Over time, repetitive movements weaken and separate the muscles forming protruding folds of skin. And did you know that you can end up with a double chin even if you haven’t gained weight as over time the natural layer of fat under your skin moves, falls, and accumulates under your chin.

      So now that you know that truly caring for your skin past the parameters of your face is an absolute must let me introduce you to July’s Product of the Month and the ‘neck’s big thing’ in the quest for an ageless throat and décolleté.

      Gatineau’s Defi Lift 3D Toned Firming Neck and Décolleté Gel is making its debut in a LIMITED-EDITION SUPERSIZE and this powerful formula is truly iconic and the holy grail of a neck and chest treatment (and quite frankly any area of your body that needs tightening). Visibly time rewinding BUT also a preventative I like to refer to it as a skincare workout as it takes your daily regime up a notch fighting hard to tighten, tone, sculpt and strengthen these fragile areas.

      This age-defying serum gel goes heavy on hard-hitting innovative ingredients yet feather light on texture and coaches even the most slackened of chins back to life. Infused with a blend of stand-out ingredients including potent Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice, an innovative skin tensor which instantly combats the effect of gravity simultaneously refining texture and tone. The addition of avant-garde ‘Fixilift Technology,’ (a blend of Peruvian Tara Fruit and Elkhorn Sea Moss) creates a second skin prompting an immediate lift to the facial contours whilst steamrolling any etched-in lines, hollows, and indentations.

      And skin restoring Valine, an essential amino acid, plays an important role in strengthening the scaffolding and infrastructure (aka your collagen and elastin) restoring skin tension whilst refreshing Menthol renowned for its cooling properties provides the perfect pick-me-up to dull devitalised complexions.

      If your neck is resembling a piece of crepe paper and pleading for moisture then the health-boosting benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil rich in Linoleic acid and ceramides will be a dream come true for dry, sensitive skin. Restoring your once-supple skin it seeps into every crease and crevice smoothing out wrinkles and helping to keep the skin barrier in tip top shape whilst having a serious nourishing impact.

      Rounding off this magic-in-a-tube (and SUPERSIZE no less) is a hefty dose of Vitamin E and probiotic-supporting technology (skin-friendly live yeast that helps to support and balance your microbiome) which both counteract the signs of stress and fatigue making it a true ally to regaining a youthful complexion. From firmness to furrows and texture to tone, this breakthrough formula will mean you will never have to ‘neck-glect’ your throat and décolleté again!

      Lucy x

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