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      Meet Sally Dixon

      We asked Sally, Founder and Creative Director of sportswear brand Every Second Counts, all about where she gets her inspiration from and how she manages to run her own business and fit in her impressive fitness regime! Read on to find out...

      Running a sportswear label it would be pretty off brand if I didn’t like exercise! Finding time to schedule in some form of fitness is key for me and the days I don’t end up doing any I definitely notice the difference both physically and mentally.
      I’m a qualified comprehensive Pilates instructor (yes I use those machines that look like instruments of torture!) so I make a conscious effort to move my body on a daily basis. Doing a workout 100% lifts my mood and my body gets super stiff/achey if I don’t get some form of movement in to my day.

      I like to mix up strength and mobility training to ensure my body is strong yet flexible and functional. 6 days a week I will head to the gym before work, I always do at least 15 minutes of stretching, mobility work and muscle activation before I head to the weights section.
      Typical workouts can range from using kettlebells and the squat rack one day to solely TRX or HIIT the next and always with plenty of Pilates thrown in to the mix! I’m not one of those people that does ‘leg day’ on a certain day; as much as I’d like to have some kind of routine to my workout schedule I’m very much a ‘little bit of everything’ person when it comes to the gym! I like to leave with the feeling that I’ve had a good all round body workout, which no doubt comes from my Pilates training and not just being indecisive in the gym!.
      I’ve recently teamed up with a friend and we check out a new studio/class one evening every week; it’s a great way to catch up with friends (who like to sweat!) and get some exercise in at the same time.
      A few evenings a week I like to go through a 30min stretch routine on my yoga mat to release any tension from the day and help me get a good night’s sleep.

      I pretty much live in my Every Second Counts gym gear (so much so that I’ve forgotten how to wear heels!), it’s just too comfy not too. So for the AW17 collection we decided to honour that desire for hybrid pieces that take you through your day. The colours are classic and often paired down, rich hues that are brought to life with a flash of white or a reflective, tech punch.
      A first for us this season is technical velvet (yep that’s velvet you can sweat in!), which we’ve used in a really subtle way that’s both stylish and sporty, in and out of the gym. I can’t wait to wear the lightweight, flattering ‘Anytime Jumpsuit’ from the collection; it’s made from a high performance Italian fabric so perfect for a work day or a night on the dance floor, it just means I’ll have to get those heels out!

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