Learn to Firm Trial - DefiLift 3D™ Body Oil

      We asked 5 of our Gatineau Women to trial our brand new DefiLift 3D™ Body Oil along with use of our Body Brush daily for two weeks, accompanied by drinking 3 litres of water per day to continue to flush toxins and feed skin cells.

      Regular dry body brushing boosts circulation and aids the natural release of unwanted toxins, as well as effectively exfoliating the skin and reducing the appearance of uneven skin texture. Paired with our new DefiLift 3D™ Body Oil (launching exclusively to QVC on 10th September as part of our Today's Special Value Collection*) the skin is intensively hydrated and toned as Ivy Extract boosts circulation and Green Tea protects from accelerated ageing.

      Read their stories and results below!

      Age: 20-39

      Carmen noticed drastic improvement in keratosis pilaris (small bumps that often appear on the backs of the arms) and also noted a reduction in cellulite on her thighs:

      “Over the 2 week trial I saw a definite improvement in the bumps on my legs (Keratosis Pilaris), cellulite and ingrown hairs! I have recently lost weight and so I was really excited to see what difference could be made and after only the first 3 days I could already start to see a difference! My bumps have reduced drastically and my circulation and cellulite has also reduced on my thighs! If this is the difference it makes in 2 weeks I'm excited for the next few weeks ahead!”

      She felt that her skin now has improved elasticity and glow after the two week trial, and commented on how the body brushing routine made her skin feel more alive and energised:

      “Overall my skin feels and looks 10 years younger! My skin is soft, supple and I feel definetly firmer in general. It has more elasticity and the overall glow has improved so much! After each morning routine of using the body brush and application of the Defilift oil, my skin just felt alive and sooooo hydrated for the whole day! Love it!”

      Age: 50-59

      Debra found signs of dryness in her legs, which she thought were due to age and couldn’t be improved upon, were massively reduced:

      “I have small dry lines on my legs (that you wouldn't notice but I know they are there) I thought it was just age and I would have to live with it - but they are massively reduced and my skin feels soft and all signs of dryness have gone. I feel like a much younger person has given me their skin”

      Having previously avoided oils and having never used a dry body brush before, Debra found the experience of the daily routine left her feeling energised:

      “This was a new experience for me as I have never dry brushed and avoid using oils, However I have been totally reeducated! I love the feeling of how energised your skin feels after brushing (its addictive) and the oil was easy to use, smelt wonderful and didn't leave my skin feeling sticky.”

      Her confidence has been boosted and the dullness in her skin that she thought was due to age has been improved upon by doing this daily routine:

      “My skin was previously very dull (I thought that was age) but this regime has brought it to life again. I feel much more confident in my own skin now and have realised that older skin doesn't have to mean dull skin…Gatineau proves to me that age is just a number and a little TLC goes a long way.”

      Age: 70-79

      Jackie was surprised at how easy it felt to get into the routine of daily body brushing and use of a body oil as she was initially concerned about finding the time:

      “I thought initially it would be a chore to do every day, how wrong I was, it soon became a pleasure to feel that 'zing' in the skin before bathing.  I use a body lotion every day anyway so substituting the oil was not a problem.  It really fits into your morning routine so easily and takes just 2/3 minutes to do.”

      She also found improvements to her waistline that could be explained by improved water retention and circulation:

      “I did not drink as much water as requested but managed 2 litres a day.  As a result of the combination of body brushing, the firming oil and drinking more water, I have lost 2" on my waist, which I am delighted about, and I no longer feel bloated.”

      Age: 50-59

      Christine found great results from the oil but found it took a little bit too long to sink in for her personally to be able to use it every day. This is because the DefiLift 3D™ Body Oil is a salon formulation and treatment for the skin, so will take longer to sink in – if you need to apply and get dressed in a hurry AHA Body Lotion is your best option!

      “Instant hydration and smoothness. I also liked that fact that it's not got a strong fragrance, so it doesn't clash with my other products. My only concern was the amount of time the oil took to sink in, before I could get dressed for work. “

      She said she would definitely use the oil on the weekends when she had more time and before a big event as she certainly noticed improvements. She gave the following advice to those thinking of trying the DefiLift 3D™ Body Oil and Body Brush routine:

      “Give it a go, the results are good and you'll be pleasantly surprised, but you do need to dedicate the time to use this, especially a 'drying off ' period, before you can get dressed for work!”

      Age: 40-49

      Michaela noticed huge improvements in skin hydration and texture:

      “No more dry patches on my body, 100% completely gone. Even the red dots on my legs and the back of my arms have nearly all gone. Haven't noticed any Ingrown hairs.”

      She comments on how the fragrance and routine in the morning positively affects her wellbeing and how she feels about herself as well as improving her skin texture:

      “I've never been to a spa but I'm sure it smells like that. I just love it. Really wakes you up and makes you feel so good about yourself. DefiLift 3D Body Oil smells divine and so uplifting. Makes your skin so soft, supple, hydrated, firmer and glowing.”

      Would you like to take the 'Learn to Firm' Challenge? Click here to download instructions for the two week trial!

      Find the DefiLift Body Oil as part of a special collection launching on QVC on September 10th 2017; the DefiLift Firming Face & Body Collection* (QVC Item Number 230534) includes the brand new DefiLift 3D™ Body Oil, Body Brush as well as 3 other firming and lifting favourites.
      *(links will be live on 10th September)

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