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      Keep Calm and Love Your Skin!

      It has certainly been a tough few weeks as we have all had to adapt to a new way of living. I am in isolation working from home and really missing my colleagues and the general office banter; I am trying to support my children with home-schooling (wishing I had paid more attention at school); my diet has completely gone out of the window and my body is definitely getting a bit wobbly AND I’ve furloughed my make-up bag!!
      In theory with several weeks of lockdown under my belt, minimal exposure to pollution, sun-starved skin and make-up free days, my complexion should be radiant and glowing, but in fact this isn’t the case and my skin has provided me with a few unwelcome surprises instead – breakouts, flushed cheeks and patches of dryness to name but a few!
      It seems I am not alone with my ‘isolation skin’ issues and the more articles I read the more I realise that even though I do not feel particularly stressed, these lockdown lifestyle changes have triggered a stress response within my skin causing a detrimental effect which I haven’t really ever experienced before.

      Our skin is the largest organ of our body and sadly it reacts to stress in a number of different ways due to the surge and fluctuations in the hormone cortisol, creating multiple problems. When cortisol levels go up it prompts the skin to produce excess sebum, clogging the pores and provoking skin breakouts and acne flare-ups. Cortisol also increases blood flow leading to extended capillaries and skin flushing whilst at the same time breaking down the skin’s ability to retain water leading to skin dryness and dehydration. On top of this the lack of exposure to sunlight means our skin isn’t getting as much Vitamin D. This important Vitamin boosts the skin’s immune system and low levels of it can be associated with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

      Enough doom and gloom: I knew I needed a new skincare regime for my ‘indoor face’ and  after some Gatineau soul searching I have come up with my top picks to alleviate the problems associated with ‘stressed out’ skin:

       For skin dryness:  Aquamemory High Hydration Cream Mask  
      Moisture is critical to stop flaky uncomfortable and rough skin and this mask speaks volumes when it comes to flooding the skin with all important water to elevate hydration levels. Think of it like you are giving your skin 8 glasses of water to drink and what I love is that this mask is effortless as it does all the hard work whilst you sleep!  Apply a thick layer of this indulgent soufflé-like mask all over the face, neck, décolleté and eyes and leave on whilst you get that all important 8 hours of shut eye. You will wake up to baby-like soft, smooth and radiant complexion and no mask left on the skin to be seen!

      For skin redness:  Alkessence Ionactive Alkaline Soothing Mist
      This weightless Mist is charged with negative ions and not only dramatically injects some much needed moisture into cells but it rebalances out of whack pH levels which can trigger inflammation. A simple way to preserve the health and well-being of your complexion and undetectable once misted over the face, neck and décolleté.  Apply morning and evening after cleansing and pat gently into the skin.

      For skin ageing: Melatogenine Morphobiotique Cream
      The skin’s microbiome plays a pivotal role as the first line of defence against the harmful environmental aggressions which cause accelerated ageing. With a powerful Morphobiotic complex together with bundles of Antioxidants, this superior lightweight moisturiser tackles crinkles, wrinkles and frankly anything else to bestow a smooth and youthful complexion.  

      For skin inflammation: Perfection Ultime Skin Perfecting Cream-Serum
      This incredible feather light cream-serum boasts high levels of anti-inflammatory goodness and is an ancient healing wonder discovered centuries ago. Packed with Centella AsiaticaWhite Tea and Wild Indigo Extract (which is proven to reduce cortisol levels in skin cells) this serum is a game-changer when it comes to extinguishing any kind of inflammation and redness on the skin.  


      Keep calm and love your skin!
      Lucy x

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