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      June Today's Special Value on QVC!

      June is going to be the hottest party month yet as QVC celebrates 30 years of shopping joy and as landmark birthdays are an absolute must for celebrating, we thought we’d join in with the excitement and present you with a very special ‘Todays Special Value’ featuring edits of our most high-performance elite skincare solutions that we know will blow your mind and be an absolute gamechanger for your skin!

      Great skin starts with a great skincare routine and whether you are looking for a new product line up to give your skin a fresh start, you want to tackle a new skin goal head-on or you just want to restock a few of your favourites, the Age Benefit Advanced Regenerating Collection is a 4-piece bonanza curated with love which will allow you to begin your journey to a youthful future.  Featuring not one but two NEW launches, an EXCLUSIVE SUPERSIZE and an absolute CUSTOMER FAVOURITE, this collection is not only outstanding value but is all about minimum effort and maximum results and it is available on pre-sell on the June 9th.

      Finding the right skincare routine is an investment and it can take time to find, particularly when you have to tackle many more challenges as you get older.  From the declining levels of the important female hormone oestrogen when you hit your 40’s, 50’s and beyond which is a key component in keeping the skin tight, bright, hydrated and elastic, to the transitioning of seasons from cold to warm weather which can bring a whole slew of other issues with it –triggering breakouts, instigating sensitivity and then there’s the harmful effects of overexposure to UV which can accelerate the onset of deeper lines and  a decline in a taut texture and tone.  

      With this in mind we have put together these four, of what I consider to be, skincare saviours to target key changes that occur during each stage of menopause to coax it back into gear. They are the unsung heroes of adjusting to this natural stage of life and the fluctuations that come with it - hot flushes, dwindling collagen levels (the structural support net in our skin which drops by 30% in the first 5 years of menopause), parched pores, and flagging radiance.

      Let’s kick start the proceedings with the legendary time-defying SUPERSIZE Age Benefit Cream which was originally developed following 8 years of lab research into the key symptoms of perimenopause and menopause on the skin. A formula which has remained unchanged since it’s unveiling nearly two decades ago (you will be bowled over by its skin-rejuvenating benefits) it is charged with powerful Gen Control Technology, a combination of Artichoke Leaf and Hibiscus Extract both heralded as vital actives in the fight against the visible signs of ageing from fine lines and wrinkles to sagging and uneven skin tone. And with a wave of strengthening ingredients including a replenishing dose of Sweet Almond Oil to fill cells precious reservoirs, crucial Ceramides to seal in goodness and Marine Calcilium to empower skin’s resilience, in my opinion, this is a real multi-tasker and the gold standard of skincare.

      Our eyes can often be the first area to show the tell-tale signs of ‘wear and tear’, what with an excessive amount of screen time, skin that is 40% thinner than the rest of our face and the constant blinking it’s no surprise that eyes are the first to betray signs of time and sleep deprivation. If you want to up the ante around this fragile area you’ve come to the right TSV collection as we launch the newest member of the Age Benefit family – our Advanced Eye Serum. Taking your daily regime to new heights, this featherweight formula is dosed to the heavens with potent Hexapeptides, (dubbed in the industry as ‘botox in a bottle’) because of their ability to naturally create a similar effect that you’d expect from the popular anti-wrinkle injections – by limiting facial muscle movement and blasting wrinkles and softening lines. Skincare that can behave like botox? – wow this is surely a dream come true for people who want to decrease the signs of ageing without invasive needles!  Other key ingredients include Honey Locust Extract to immediately tighten skin, Plantain Extract to restore and brighten whilst innovative Hyaluronic Acid spheres absorb within seconds to flood skin with a thirst-quenching drink of water, swelling cells to help make you look younger in minutes. AND for the puffy eyes amongst us the trendy cool tip metal applicator supports the formula cooling and refreshing as it gently massages (even more so if you pop it in the fridge) for a more vibrant look, especially in the age of digital screen fatigue.

      And what TSV would be without a potent face serum?  If you are looking to target specific concerns serums are the answer to your prayers.   As light as it is comfortable our intense Age Benefit Revitalising Oil-Serum pretty much blends two powerful formulas all rolled up into one ultra-effective youth-boosting solution (BOGOF anyone?).  A beauty insiders secret for oh so many skincare woes this hydrating and soothing formula promises to even, brighten, tighten, and pacify compromised complexions. Once you dip your toes you will be hooked as this heavenly oil-serum, with its cocktail of 12 of the most active botanicals, vitamins, and precious oils, works to target every skin complaint you’d ever care to mention. The ‘serum phase’ alone blends Persian Silk Tree, Centella Asiatica, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C, Barbary Fig, and Chestnut Seed Extract each bringing a boundless solution to a compromised complexion whilst the top tier and icing on the cake oil phase kicks in with a moisturising medley of Meadowfoam, Rosehip and Camelia Oil – a trio of exotic and conditioning emollients which instantly coat the skin in a cushiony veil of deep nourishment. The pairing of Vitamin C with Vitamin B3 (otherwise dubbed as Niacinamide) makes the perfect ‘double act’ amping up your glow game, balancing skin tone and synthesizing truckloads of collagen for a truly contented and pillow plumped complexion. #No filter needed.

      And the fruity topping (literally) to this incredible ensemble has to lie with our NEW Radiance Enhancing Gelee Cleanser a quenching rich cleansing gel brimming with a medley of fruit acids and Vitamin C which work to erase make-up and impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells for a renewed radiance while also deeply hydrating skin. Think of a soft, zesty, bouncy complexion that’s perfectly prepped for skincare that follows!

      Consider this collection a quick and easy recipe for a flawless youth-prolonging complexion. Powered by science and perfected by botanicals these carefully crafted formulas make up an absolute masterpiece of a TSV that gives new meaning to desert island skincare! The toughest decision is going to be how many do you purchase?

      Lucy x



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