It's Back! Defi Lift 3D Revolumising Lip Care!

Just in time for mistletoe season and here to rescue your fragile deflated lips, I am so excited to reveal that Gatineau’s Defi Lift Revolumising Lip Care is BACK, and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time as the harsh winter affliction is about to strike and create havoc with this incredibly delicate area of the face. Yet lip treatments should really be beauty perennials and a firm fixture all year round to ensure your lips not only look good but feel good too -  the trouble is there is an enormous difference between a good lip treatment and a bad one. The latter coats the lips with ingredients like petroleum and does extraordinarily little with treating dryness however a good one will be packed full of ‘tender loving actives’ that can tick a number of boxes including hydrating, soothing, plumping and protecting. Well good news guys - Our Defi Lift Revolumising Lip Care ticks off a sling of valuable boxes in just a single swipe and will blow your lips out of the water as it casts a plump and supple spell on them!

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but lip skin has not been created equally in comparison to the rest of the face which seems a little unfair bearing in mind how often you use your lips. With only three to five layers of thickness (compared to sixteen cell layers on the face), lips lack the most important outer layer (called the Stratum Corneum) and the skin’s first line of defence against environmental aggressors, so it’s no wonder they are so fragile and prone to chapping. They have also been denied any sweat or sebaceous glands, the glands responsible for producing the protective film which keeps lips ‘happily hydrated’ and with very few melanin producing cells, lips are extremely sensitive to UV rays. The plumpness and definition in your lips is dictated in part to the collagen it contains but with age the body produces less of this important protein and your once enviable pout slowly decreases in volume whilst the cupids bow (named after the ancient Roman god of love) begins to flatten, causing marionette lines and leading to thinner looking lips. And if that wasn’t enough you then have the Vermillion Border (the junction where the lips meet the surrounding skin of the mouth area) which houses a vast number of nerve endings making this area extremely sensitive and susceptible to inflammation – cue unattractive lip sores!

Known in the beauty world for bringing high performance anti-ageing treatments to your skincare regime, Gatineau scientists understand the need for prevention as well as intervention and have turned their skin perfecting technology to your lips creating this incredible upgraded Defi Lift Revolumising Lip Care (we know how much you loved the original!) to rehabilitate them and do them serious justice.

An ultra-nourishing enviable formula and the answer to all lip-related afflictions this indulgent balm unites volume-boosting with wrinkle-filling, softening with conditioning while warding off against the harmful effects of the elements. Personally, I find this little gem of a lip treatment an absolute joy to use as it prompts an ‘oh so subtle’ tingling sensation, enveloping lips in a non-sticky shimmery sheen which amplifies their natural colour whilst allowing them to heave a huge sigh of relief! A true desert island formula that really does not compromise on results whether you use it as an overnight treatment, a pick me up in the day or a remedy during a dry spell and you can understand why when you see the starry line up of lip-loving ingredients.

Spiked with a restorative and rejuvenating Bio-peptide Complex, the ultimate foil and anti-ageing armour for lips that have lost that all important supple cushioning. Encompassing an assemblage of key peptides (categorized as messenger peptides) they have the clever ability to “tell” skin how to look better by stimulating collagen synthesis whilst limiting its deterioration from the inside out resulting in a fuller, smoother, and suppler pout.

And rebelling against the force of dryness and chapping there is the infusion of a collection of nutrient rich oils -  Meadowfoam oil, Jojoba oil and Olive oil - which collectively bathe the skin with a flexible protective barrier restoring even the most parched lips as they deliver a serious lesson in lasting hydration, reparation, and deep conditioning.

And famed for its soothing and healing properties, the addition of Lavender extract is perfect for soothing skin stresses and harmonizing dryness helping to swiftly comfort and calm inflammation. Balanced with Shea Butter and Beeswax (am impressive sources of omega fatty acids) this double act lend the blend its creamy balm-like texture and provide in-depth nourishment to this tenuous zone swiftly resolving dryness and damage whilst accelerating the healing process.

And the grand finale to this exquisite lip formula comes with the injection of cooling Menthol and invigorating Caffeine which trigger show-stopping volume and a tantalising tingling sensation to the lips spurring the plumping process and offering the look of a bolder more defined pout.

Defi Lift Volumising Lip care is a godsend that bridges the gap between an essential lip remedy and a decadent lip gloss as it combines high-performance with beauty creating a silky cocoon between skin and the elements and you are going to fall ‘head over heels’ in love with it as becomes a handbag, bedside table and desk drawer hero and your pocket-sized sidekick. Happy swiping!

Available exclusively in our Today's Special Value launching on Friday 26th November!

Lucy x