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      Inside Tan Accelerating Lotion

      Whether it is right or wrong, most of us have a few primary goals when we book a holiday – relax, unwind and to transform pale and pasty skin into a flawless sun-kissed complexion! I think we all feel so much healthier wearing that ‘golden glow’ – trouble is the transformation to achieving a sun goddess look can all too often be a time consuming and painful one!

      After all we know the dangers of over exposure to UV – skin redness and sensitivity, degradation of collagen and elastin decreasing skin elasticity, hyperpigmentation or sun spots - it is not good news – yet even though we know the downsides of too much sun – the thought of that all-important tan tends to outweigh the dangers!
      However what if I told you there is a way to achieving that all over bronzed golden tan and be safe in the sun at the same time! Introducing Gatineau’s Tan Accelerating Lotion – a face and body lotion which helps to activate your natural tan before you even see the sun! Not only that but this lightweight fast-absorbing lotion encourages a deeper more uniform tan, extends the length of your tan and protects you against premature ageing. Sounds too good to be true right?

      Gatineau’s Tan Accelerating Lotion is one of our best-loved & top-rated products and although it looks just like a luxurious body lotion it does a lot more than simply hydrate the skin. Suited to all skin types, men, women and children, it is enriched with powerful peptides called MAPs – these are Melanin Activating Peptides
      that encourage your skin cells to produce melanin (the compound responsible for tanning) and no matter what your skin tone is, it can add a gorgeous bronze depth. Not only this but by stimulating the natural melanin in the skin you are protecting it from any kind of sun damage and skin discolouration.

      And because this is all about elevating your routine whilst in contact with the sun (it works with sunbeds too) this hard-working face and body lotion is jam-packed with good-to-skin ingredients that will not only help safeguard your skin but hydrate and soothe too.

      Our youth preserving Melatogenine™ ‘youth molecule’ protects the fragile skin cells from damage ensuring skin remains smooth and plump, whilst Vanilla Pod Extract introduces antioxidants and Vitamin B to the mix which helps protect from free radical damage. And then Narcissus Bulb, an extract from the golden Daffodil flower gently soothes, conditions and repairs your skin after sun exposure whilst veiling a delicate sweet scent.

      For best results you should begin using this lotion 2 weeks before going on holiday or as the Spring and Summer months begin, applying to the face and body daily. Then during your holiday and once you return home use it every evening as an after sun and to prolong your tan.


      This is an absolute must-have for those who struggle to tan naturally, for those that suffer from prickly heat after exposure to the sun or for those who just want to look their absolute best during and after days in the sun.

      Claire x

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