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      Inside Mélatogénine AOX Probiotics

      The air that surrounds us is far from pristine. As if the threat that pollution brings to the planet isn’t enough, air pollution is the second most harmful aggressor to the skin after the sun, and for cosmetic companies it has become a hot topic!
      And this toxic air isn’t just found in and around big cities and industrial areas– rural and urban areas can be just as affected, meaning our skin is exposed on a daily basis whether you are indoors or outdoors with potentially dangerous consequences.

      So just what is in the air these days and what are the true consequences it has on our skin?
      Air pollution (even in urban areas) is made up of tiny particles called PMs (Particle Matter) – this includes substances like Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Ozone, Nickel and chemicals such as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAHs to name just a few!  (PAH are a group of more than 100 different chemicals that are released from burning coal, oil, gasoline, trash, tobacco, wood, or other organic substances). And that is just in the outside air.  In fact, inside an average home there are around 60,000 different chemicals emitted from cooking, computers, air conditioning, cleaning products and furniture.  It’s a scary reality.

      These harmful particles are 20 times smaller than pores and don’t just sit on the skin surface griming it up like a windshield.  They actually infiltrate the pores to the deeper layers of the skin where they wreak havoc.
      Think of these pollutants like a smouldering cigarette butt that is stuck in the skin emitting toxic chemicals which in turn create free radicals (highly unstable oxygen molecules that have unpaired electrons).  These molecules act like ping-pong balls bouncing around in the skin on their quest to steal an electron from a healthy cell thereby injuring it.  Free radicals activate multiple pathways of internal damage in the skin including increased lines and wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, pigmentation flaws, chronic inflammation and skin sensitivity and dehydration.
      As the anti-ageing leaders in the cosmetic industry, Gatineau have been studying the primary causes of skin ageing for many years and at the turn of the millennium launched the ground-breaking ‘Melatogenine™’ skincare range.  This highly sophisticated collection was pioneered by the invention of a biotechnological ‘youth molecule’ clinically proven to work on the quality of epidermal skin cells to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles and restore youth.

      FACT: When our skin is young our skin cell renewal process works at an optimum and our skin cells turn over on average every 28 days.  As we age the body’s natural ability for cell renewal deteriorates and blood circulation becomes sluggish, and when our skin cells come up from the bottom layer of the skin to the surface they have already lost their vitality and plumpness.   As a result skin looks dull, sallow and lines and wrinkles appear more evident on the surface of the skin

       Melatogenine youth molecule has been clinically proven to slow down the keratinisation process and promote the health and youthfulness of skin cells when they arrive at the outer visible layer of the skin.

      At the forefront of research and development, Gatineau scientists continued their quest to discover the primary causes of accelerated ageing and other skin problems linked with this.  After much investigation they exposed pollution as the major contributor to skin destruction! The next step was more complex as they needed to produce a formula to counteract the damage pollution was having to the skin. Eventually, but still ahead of the curve, back in 2012 the Melatogenine™ formulation was revamped with additional ingredients to provide a 100% physical and biological skin shield.  Melatogenine AOX Probiotics was born!

      This expert formulation was a real breakthrough in the cosmetic industry.  We could finally offer a skincare range that provided unrivalled protection against air pollution and free radical attack. By drawing on the benefits of carefully chosen natural anti-oxidants along with ground-breaking probiotic science we could preserve the skin’s youth, limit inflammation and optimise skin regeneration.

      FACT: Anti-oxidants are designed to neutralise free radicals – in other words prevent them from entering the skin at a cellular level which we know can kick off a chain reaction that causes a huge path of destruction.  Although our bodies do produce their own anti-oxidants made by our cells, by the age of 30 our bodies cannot eliminate the free radicals fast enough and that is when the ageing process is accelerated. 
      Not all anti-oxidants are as potent and repairing as others but Gatineau has carefully sourced two of the highest quality anti-oxidants to offer an absolute shield to the skin:
      Thermus Thermophilus is derived from California seaweed and is rich in a high level of anti-oxidants as well as an abundance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and trace elements - all that the body needs to maintain proper balance and function.
      Spelt Wheat Peptide is extracted from one of the oldest cultivated crops and is first believed to have been used between 7000 and 8000 years ago.  Protein-rich and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients it provides incredible anti-oxidant benefits to both skin and body. 

      And the technology doesn’t stop there.  Skin can easily become unbalanced as we age, with many external influences triggering various skin conditions including adult acne, Rosacea, eczema and hives to name but a few.  With Probiotics being used widely for the past few years as a food supplement to restore and rebalance a healthy gut, Gatineau emulated these benefits by adding Lactobacillus to Melatogenine AOX.  This powerful pro-biotic is naturally sourced and proven to work in harmony with the skin.  It activates the skin’s natural ability to repair itself and boosts the natural process of allowing the body to restore collagen, elastin and healthy cells whilst providing a protective veil on the skin surface.

      So if you are in your 30s and beyond and are noticing the first few lines, some deeper wrinkles, a dull and lack lustre skin complexion then your skin is more than likely suffering from environmental stress.
       Melatogenine™ AOX Probiotics, with its combination of the powerful Melatogenine youth activating molecule, the potent anti-oxidant complex providing a 100% anti-ageing shield against pollution, and balancing Probiotics, is the ‘tonic’ and ‘elixir of youth’  which will effectively protect your skin against accelerated ageing, smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles, increase hydration and restore a healthy equilibrium to the surface of the skin.

      Lucy xx

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