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      Hydra Aura Moisturising Cream Mask

      Pull out your chunky jumper, make haste to your local coffee shop, your gingerbread hot chocolate awaits……Winter is here, a season famous for roaring fires, blustery winds, crisp fresh air, long hot baths, and the anticipation of snowy days. Sadly, though this season doesn’t equate to good things for your complexion with dehydration, dullness, sensitivity, and flaky patches all classic hallmarks of these sudden temperature drops and frosty conditions.

      Skin likes consistency so rapid fluctuations in weather and temperature can take its toll on it as it struggles to adjust to the new environment. The skin is like a shield; its your first line of defence against external aggressions and when the temperature plunges, and the humidity falls it can cause the barrier to become disrupted depleting skin of moisture and causing a dull, tight, dry, and flaky complexion.

       We’ve all been there. You go to restock one of your favourite holy-grail products only to discover it has been discontinued. My heart was broken when the legendary Aquamemory High Hydration Mask with its decadent creamy souffle consistency was retired from the shelves, and I can honestly say it left a gaping hole both on my bathroom shelf and in my skincare regime. This was a mask that over-delivered and seriously plumped up facial hydration. Clearly, I wasn’t alone in my disappointment because it would appear we have loved it back to life! The original holy-grail formula is back although it now falls within our balancing Hydra Aura range and is called Hydra Aura Moisturising Cream Mask…… BUT it looks the same, feels the same AND performs the same.

      Understanding the need for prevention as well as intervention Hydra Aura Moisturising Cream Mask combines Gatineau’s clinical expertise with an innovative formula to create a mind-blowing face mask that grants unbelievable results. This mask is that one extra step you need in your skincare routine to get you closer to the hydrated, dewy complexion of your dreams and let me be clear dehydrated skin can be the leading cause of ‘accelerated active ageing’ so it’s time to give your skin the support its craving!

       A twice weekly treatment for dull, dry, and parched complexions (or simply whenever your skin needs a little pick me up), if you are looking for a replenished, nourished soft-to-touch feeling then this sophisticated formula will be just the answer no matter what your skin type. Bringing a spa-like treatment to the comfort of your own home Hydra Aura Moisturising Cream Mask restores overworked and thirsty skin for the better, leaving an ‘oh-so-quenched’ result in matter of minutes. Smooth, supple skin coming your way!

      The starring ingredient is Aqualance, a brand new ‘osmoprotectant’ skin moisturiser inspired after much research into the ability of estuary plants being able to adjust their osmotic balance to the changing salinity and water deficiencies in estuary water to maintain their cellular water content. These unique plants contain skin conditioning actives which can protect against environmental stresses and UV dehydration, so we have extracted these precious actives to remedy skin dehydration with seriously impressive results! In fact, the independent user trials speak for themselves with users claiming their skin felt hydrated, smooth, radiant, AND more youthful after just one use!

      As this sumptuous formula seeps into cracks and fine and dry lines, hard-working Hyaluronic Acid gets to work attracting 1000 times its molecular weight in water making it amazing at keeping skin hydrated, swelling out cells and plumping out lines in turn making it a brilliant youth-boosting hero. Hyaluronic Acid is not a new skin care sensation and when we are young and spritely, we make buckets of it on our own, however as with most fun things Hyaluronic Acid levels deplete from around the age of 20 and although the side effects don’t expose themselves until we are in our 30’s it is very important to top-up the tank at regular intervals!

      And with the powerful blend of a Marine Algae complex combining Salicornia Herbacea (otherwise known as Glasswort) with Chlorella, this ‘marine marriage’ will have your skin swimming in deep hydration and will be your age-defying ally. Both are packed with essential vitamins and minerals so provide a feast of nutrients for your skin so think of it like a green smoothie for your face. Get ready to #Seatheglow.

      This therapeutic-strength cooling mask envelops the face like a second skin for instant gratifying results and if your skin is feeling constantly parched this provides ‘hydration extraordinaire’! A quick 15 minute fix for a speedy boost of hydration and skin plumping or an overnight ritual for intense nourishment and repair– whatever you decide I spell really good skin days ahead.

      Lucy x

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