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      Golden Glow Gradual Tan

      There’s no doubt about it, a deep holiday colour after the winter season will always look a bit out of place.  The weather in the UK is so unpredictable, and we are being warned to brace for a stark March as temperatures plunge – I guess we will have to wait a little longer for ‘spring to be sprung’! Short days and freezing temperatures make it only too easy to wear that paler, ghostly complexion and lose that radiant glow but if you want to shake off the winter blues and get the ‘glow without the aggro’ you are not going to want to miss out on the EXCLSUIVE QVC launch on March 1st featuring Gatineau’s Golden Glow Gradual Tan in a MEGA 1 LITRE pump bottle! (that’s 2.5 sizes bigger than our supersize 400ml version).

      Most people agree than sun-kissed skin is a quick win for mood-boosting and having a healthy glow can make you feel super confident, but we all know how dangerous it is to spend hours soaking up the sun. This is where Gatineau’s Golden Glow Gradual Tan swoops in to save the day. A universally loved and fool-proof year-round formula, Golden Glow is a hybrid face and body lotion that will allow you to fake the bake and shun the sunbed without any of the self-tanning drawbacks! For those who like their glow ‘au natural’ this tanning solution takes the edge off paler than pale pins, grants a gleam to sun-starved arms, and puts the spark back in pallid complexions, and all whilst camouflaging tell-tale signs of sun damage.  It completely changes the tanning game bridging the gap between skincare and self-tan and makes it easy to achieve a flawless, streak free post-holiday glow whilst focusing on caring and hydrating for the skin and what is even more exciting is that it comes without the whiff, the faff, the streaks or the waiting time (forget lending a whole evening to your tanning ritual – it’s a tint free formula that leaves no trace or residue!)

      If you are a newbie to the tanning world and a bit worried you are going to mess it up, then this is definitely the tan for you as after one application it lends a sun-kissed warmth while two applications increases the intensity for a richer tan. You really are in control with Golden Glow as you can build-up the number of applications you do each day to achieve your desired finish – even to the point of mimicking a two week trip in the Cote d’Azur!  

      The formula is loaded with hydration heroes and skin-nourishing actives including Coconut and Soy Oil, skin identical lipids which strengthen and fortify skin while sealing in essential hydration for lasting softness and dewiness. The addition of Vitamin E helps over time to build a stronger skin barrier that is armed against the environmental aggressors of modern-day life which cause accelerated ageing.

      Laced with a just a little DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) this naturally derived tanning active found in sugar builds a natural and healthy-looking bespoke tan that develops within 3-4 hours without the rich biscuit smell that makes you forego your tan (it doesn’t have the heavily pigmented chemicals found is some traditional formulas).  In fact, the delicate fruity notes of Pear and Mandarin together with the floral tones of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Musk, leaves the skin wrapped in an exquisitely subtle fragrance which then lingers.


      So when you are not quite ready to jump into full on tanning Golden Glow Gradual Tan heralds a natural era of golden-glow-giving. Non pore-clogging, hydrating and age defying, this dreamy lotion delivers a luxe-looking believable bronze without a streak in sight. So don’t let this cold spell put you off  - today is as good a day as any to mimic that summer radiance without relying on solar rays!

      Lucy x



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