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      Gatineau's Collagene Expert Plumping Facial Collection

      With the festive season just around the corner it’s time to tick off those last minute gift lists so why not put your Santa’s little helpers’ hat on and treat your nearest and dearest (not that I am excluding yourself) to Gatineau’s Collagene Expert Plumping Facial Collection which will be guaranteed to put a smile on their face as well as help them achieve a one way ticket to a smooth, supple and dewy complexion. 

      Uniting five cult-favourite formulas from our award-winning Collagene Expert range this carefully curated set of time-defying heroes with their sumptuous textures go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve a flawless, radiant, and youthful finish and what’s more we have housed them in a gorgeous gift box, so you are all wrapped up for Christmas!

      A complete regimen, the collection includes the Phyto-Radiance Cleanser, a velvety transforming cream to oil formula designed for all skin types, which is designed not only to CLEANSE the skin but TONE AND EXFOLIATE too!  A multi-tasking plant collagen and fruit enzyme enriched dream, this decadent creamy cleanser allows your complexion to start the day fresh and then melt the day away while helping to replenish your cells’ reservoirs. A little goes a loooooong way too making this a fabulous investment in the future of your face.   

       Collagene Expert Phyto Radiance Cleanser

      Follow with the Collagene Expert Smoothing Serum which targets the skin with a youth-boosting, fine line reducing, plumping medley of Collagen peptides which will really kick your skin cells into gear to produce more of that important ‘scaffolding’ to keep skin firm and smooth. An age-rewinding dream for your fine lines and wrinkles and it seals the deal on radiance and hydration too cloaking the complexion with a veil of ‘dew-good’ moisture – think rapid skin plumping at its best!

      Collagene Expert Smoothing Serum

      Equally as effective is our Collagene Expert Ceramide Smoothing Cream, a seriously skin-quenching and skin plumping cream with a beautiful, comforting lightly whipped texture.  Flooding your face with three different types of collagen molecules, including the first ever bio designed vegan collagen called Humacoll21 there isn’t much this game-changing day and night moisturiser can’t do – think ‘plump up the volume’ think ‘petal-soft skin’.

       Collagene Expert Ceramide Smoothing Cream

      And with the addition of the Collagen Plumping Revival Mask, you can literally wipe away fatigue and dullness in just 15 minutes to reveal a luminous and plump complexion that radiates from within. A deliciously soft and creamy formula with superstar actives including Hyaluronic Acid, Barley, and Ceramide technology this comforting, cocooning blanket of pleasure is a complexion-perfecting goddess which you can apply while meditating, reading, or making dinner – basically anything goes!

       Collagen Plumping Revival Mask

      And here to help you make peace with your eyes our Collagen Compresses are a clever investment for anyone whose struggles with dark circles, puffiness, or dreaded crows’ feet.  Designed to soothe overworked, under rested eyes, these collagen infused patches restore a brighter, youthful appearance to this delicate area in just a few minutes. Think maximum effects with minimal effort!

       Collagene Expert Smoothing Eye Pads

      Delivered in time for Christmas this is the perfect skincare experience that has all skin plumping and hydrating angles covered so delve into this stellar line up of collagen infused goodies but expect to fall for all of them – and don’t be surprised if you can’t pick a favourite.


      Lucy x

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