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      Collagene Expert Range

      As far as holy grail ingredients go when it comes to combating the signs of ageing you don’t get much more significant than Collagen Peptides, the superstar ingredient in this partnership trio.  Collagen Peptides mimic our natural collagen (the most abundant protein in the body which provides skin with structure, resilience and shape) but sadly collagen degrades as we age (from the age of 25 years old actually) contributing to visible signs of ageing such as loss of elasticity, lines and wrinkles.

      The star of the show has to be the Collagene Expert Ultimate Smoothing Serum, a revolutionary much-loved formula  – parched and wrinkled skins rejoice! Housed in a whopping 100ml iridescent coloured glass pump bottle (that’s OVER 3X the size of the original bestseller) it is world-renowned for its one-of-a-kind silky texture, and unparalleled benefits, and is a tried-and-true cult favourite providing powerful hydration to skin instantly quenching its thirst. Powered with collagen boosting technology complemented with intensely hydrating Sweet Almond Oil you can expect a seriously smooth, springy complexion and skin-plumping radiance rapidly.  Exposure to screens, dehydrating air-con and even just the general stress of day-to-day life can play havoc with our skin, but thanks to the protective benefits of Peruvian Carob, a shrub rich in galactomannans and anti-oxidants, it creates a second skin not only forming a natural buffer against environmental toxins BUT immediately tightens the skin surface. And further enhanced with industry lauded Vitamin C this serum delivers a shot of energy for tired complexions while reducing the appearance of dark spots so your skin can literally go filter free!

      Gatineau make no secret that the secret to a ‘healthy glowing skin’ begins with cleansing. Enter our Brand New Collagene Expert Phyto Radiance Cleanser, a velvety transforming cream to oil formula designed for all skin types. This triple action (yes triple!) cleanser is designed not only to CLEANSE the skin but it TONES AND EXFOLIATES too!  The first step in your daily regime it leads the way towards cleaner, fresher and suppler skin and reaps miraculous results partly down to the presence of five types of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (aka AHA’s) that buff away dead, skin cells to clear blocked pores and smooth and brighten without disturbing its delicate balance.  Add  Collagen Peptides and Squalane to the multi-tasking medley and these dynamic actives work swiftly to smooth out every groove, furrow and indentation ensuring a silky, supple canvas and creating a flawless channel to magnify the effects of your other skincare products.

      And this incredible range includes an essence that literally brings parched skin back from the brink. Collagene Expert Hydra Essence, to be fair, should be a permeant fixture in EVERYONES routine as it ticks every box -prepping, priming, plumping, hydrating and protecting. A featherweight genius  and filled to the brim with some of the most highly effective skin loving moisture magnets that work harmoniously together to give your skin optimum hydration, iron out lines and wrinkles and restore brilliant brightness. This is a serious remedy which future-proofs skin and enhances the performance of all other serums applied subsequently aiding penetration for optimal efficiency.


      Lucy x


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