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      Floracil Eye Makeup Remover

      Whilst there’s lots to love about the evolving make-up trends that have presented through the decades from meticulously blended pigments, long wear make-up and smudge-proof lines, removing those budge-resistant formulas can one be of the most tedious yet inevitable tasks of wearing a great eye look and can pose a real challenge resulting in dry, red and irritated complexions.

      Let’s face it, applying eye make-up is way more fun than taking it off but, for the sake of healthy eyes and skin, what goes on must come off, and when it comes to choosing an eye make-up remover application, feel, performance and sensation all become seriously important factors. With so many eye make-up removers available in different guises, ranging from wipes and waters to balms and oils – finding the right one can be overwhelming. 

      SO, it really is a magical moment when you find the perfect eye make-up remover which works exactly how you want it to, makes your skin feel amazing and becomes a product you cannot live without so when it suddenly goes ‘out of stock’ the panic really can set in!

      Floracil Eye Make-up Remover with its iconic formula is one such product that disappeared off our shelves for a short period of time recently, but I can promise you it was for VERY good reason - it has had a swanky face lift and is newly housed in a contemporary bottle with a modern press pump applicator and not only that, but we have made it 2.5x the size of the original bestseller! So Floracil Eye Make-up Remover, with its original much-loved formula, its striking aquamarine coloured liquid  and it’s whopping 500ml size is about to make a serious comeback and is an (ski)investment piece that you don’t want to miss!

      Soothing, softening, refreshing, and revitalising this overachieving formula is so gentle on delicate skin yet seriously tough on steadfast make-up and promises to effortlessly lift away all kinds of debris, dirt, and impurities, from your eyes including stubborn make-up and water-resistant mascara and all without stripping your skin of every ounce of moisture. For those looking for speed and efficacy it really does do all the hard work for you and doesn’t require any added elbow grease and with a silky hydrating texture it glides effortlessly over skin, infusing it with an array of nourishing plant actives that leave a conditioning and revived finish and perfectly prepped for your next skincare step.

      Simply soak the eyes for 15 seconds before sweeping the solution across the eye area and enjoy clean, refreshed skin that is ready for the steps ahead.

      Lucy x

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