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      FACT: Soap is bad for your skin

      As a self-confessed skin care junkie and a cleansing fanatic (I believe it's essential for clear and radiant skin), I know that when it comes to facial cleansers,  there are as many to choose from as there are faces to be cleaned, and for many it’s the holy grail of skin care, how do you find the perfect match??

      Well firstly we need to understand our skin… what do we need our cleanser to do for us?

      Our face takes quite a molecular beating each day, from braving the elements, standing up to the wind and cold to heat and rain, fighting environmental pollutants and not to mention the fact that most of us smother it in make-up every day, we really do need to clean it well to rid it of all these facial dangers. By effectively clearing away the dirt, grime and dead cells, we facilitate the production and easy travels of new skin cells and allow for the deeper penetration of all the active and cell changing ingredients from the rest of our skincare products. If you choose the right facial cleanser your face will regain a more youthful and healthy appearance.

      For me, one rule of thumb is using a soap free cleanser. Step up, Gatineau’s Gentle Silk Cleanser , the most gloriously smooth, silky, conditioning cleansing milk, packed with natural ingredients  to remove the day’s accumulation of oil, dirt, bacteria, and products, and most importantly all without the use of chemicals or detergents. Soap based cleansers strip the natural lipid layer from the skin’s surface and destroy its protective barrier. Our skin has a specific pH, a layer of water and oil, which acts as our “defense shield” however products containing soap or detergent will strip this shield and cause skin problems by disturbing the skin’s balance.
      Stripping the skins PH leads to all sorts of skins disorders including dryness, tightness and redness. Daily elimination of this precious oil balance could also lead to premature ageing as dry /dehydrated skin is much more prone to lines and wrinkles.

      This knowledge led Jeanne Gatineau and a team of scientists to pioneer the industry’s first soap-free cleanser all the way back in 1935.   Their decision to swap detergent and soap ingredients for naturally sourced deep cleansing extracts of Silk, Cotton and Sweet Almond Oil made for a revolution in facial cleansing products and paved the way for other skin care brands to follow suit. Our Gentle Cleansing Milk, still, to this day proves to be one of our “Iconic” products, loved by our therapists, our clients and the press. 

      Silk has powerful antioxidants and amino acids to help repair cells, promote cell regeneration and condition the skin for improved elasticity and resilience. Cotton extracts improve the skin barrier function and the sweet almond oil is light in texture, can easily penetrate deep into the skin, softens and dislodges the dirt and debris accumulated in the skin pores and hair follicles. We advise to use this with our Double Sided sponge facial cloth, to help buff skin and remove all traces of make-up, or for a “super” cleanse, use it in conjunction with our facial cleansing brush, either way you will feel the instant freshness, hydrating and skin quenching benefits in just one application.

      I urge you, especially if you’re a soap user, please, please, please take the challenge and make the change…. ditch the detergents……. scrap the soaps, I promise you’ll see the difference!
      Just remember…

      Your complexion is the result of your unique choices, so it’s vital you choose well!!

      Nicola xxx

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