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      Exclusive 90th Birthday Collection

      We can hardly believe it, but this September marks Gatineau’s 90th birthday! A brand steeped in history, Gatineau’s story began in Paris 90 years ago with a visionary Beauty Therapist, Madame Jeanne Gatineau who set out to provide revolutionary skincare solutions for women, and that she did as nine decades later the brand has a worldwide reputation as the age-defying specialists and leaders in the field of advanced skincare.

      We have been celebrating this milestone anniversary the whole year unveiling BRAND NEW product launches, LIMITED EDITION iconic favourites and EXCLUSIVE SUPERSIZES, all whilst creating the most exquisite coffrets, vanity bags and packaging. It has been remarkably busy, and those celebrations are set to continue as we build up to the official day itself.

      The 15th of September is Gatineau’s official birthday so we are rolling out the red carpet and launching an incredibly special highly valued limited-edition BUMPER collection curated by our Gatineau skincare experts which will bring your skin it’s A-game! AND I do not say BUMPER lightly because one, this six-piece edit brings together versatile and undeniably brilliant show stopping skincare heroes that have stood the test of time and two, the collection contains both SUPERSIZES and LIMITED EDITIONS that we’re sure you will adore, and to ‘wrap it up’ we have encased them in a truly chic 90th birthday cosmetics bag! Worth over £250, this collection is retailing at just £90 but before you go dashing off to bag yourself this glow-bestowing skincare treat let me offer a sneak peek inside.


      Starting with a product that took the skincare world by storm back in the 1970’s, our Limited-Edition Radiance Enhancing Gommage has been hailed as an award-winning and revolutionary formula for over five decades. Powered by exfoliating AHA’s this hard-working formula effortlessly sloughs away dead skin cells and manages to rehydrate at the same time revealing a skin that’s instantly smoother, softer, and naturally radiant - think of it as your complexion’s knight in shining armour!


      We all know that cleansing is the single most important step in your daily regime, so we have included our mineral enriched Gentle Foaming Cleanser, an ultra-gentle yet fast acting make-up remover that swiftly lifts impurities without stripping the skin. The wash starts as a gel cream but once you lather it with water it begins to create this luxurious foam like consistency which is absolutely heavenly to use and even more importantly unlike other facial washes, the formula is non-drying so it keeps your skin’s hydration in check.

      Complementing the cleanser is one of our newer members of the Gatineau family, Exfoliating PHA + BHA Glow Tonique a daily resurfacing toner which is a dream come true for visible pores and uneven skin tone. The secret to this formula is Salicylic Acid, a powerful source of natural BHA’s which offers multiple benefits, dead skin dissolving, texture smoothing and complexion clarifying. This leaves skin feeling really refreshed and ready for the rest of your skincare regimen.

      We have also included our best selling and (more importantly) revolutionary regenerating face cream inspired by 8 years of research and innovation. From wrinkles to dark spots to skin sagging, the cocktail of rejuvenating, age-defying and hydrating actives work really hard to strengthen and restore your skin’s resilience, ‘uncrease’ creases, refine skin texture and restore lost elasticity helping it look firmer, tightened and more toned. This is ‘hands down’ a moisturiser that wages a war on ageing skin!

      The skin around your eyes is subject to a lot of daily ‘wear and tear’ - it is often the first to betray signs of time and sleep-deprivation! The Defi Lift Eye Cream is the ultimate foil for crepiness and youth-prolonging and so definitely deserves a place in the 90th birthday bumper collection especially as we’ve put it in a SUPERSIZE Tube!

      To round off this incredible ensemble of targeted skincare we have included Golden Glow Gradual Tan, part nourishing body moisturiser, part gradual tanner. Perfect for tanning newbies, sceptics or simply anyone looking for an all over natural radiant bronze it offers a beautifully buildable and believable colour and is the perfect antidote to sun-starved complexions!


      A careful curation of the best in our business, the crème de la crème for skincare lovers this exclusive set encompasses everything from luxurious creams to potent treatments for an enviably youthful and enviable complexion and is the ultimate in skincare perfection.

      The daily regime is simple:
      Morning and evening
      Step 1 – Lather Gentle Foaming Cleanser in your hands with a little water and use light circular motions to gently massage over skin
      Step 2 – Rinse using cool water
      Step 3 – Saturate a cotton pad and gently wipe across face, neck and décolleté
      Step 4 – Apply a pea size amount of your Defi Lift Eye Cream and pat around the eye contour
      Step 5 – Apply Age Benefit Cream to the face
      Step 6 – Apply Golden Glow as and when you are looking for a gorgeous sun-kissed glow

      Twice Weekly
      Step 1 – Apply Radiance Enhancing Gommage to the face, neck and décolleté and massage until the gel turns to a liquid.
      Step 2 – Rinse the skin thoroughly and complete steps 4 and 5 of the daily regime

      Shop HERE for £90!

      Lucy x

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