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      At this time of year my body is still recovering from the effects of the festive season, which I'm sure is true for many of you reading this.  As it's the one time of year when the rule book goes out the window, where I allow myself to eat and drink what I want, as I feel it's important to enjoy this special time of year and celebrate the occasion with my family and loved ones.  As a result my usual sleep pattern has been totally disrupted, having less than five hours a night for the majority of the last month,  added to that a post festive flu has certainly taken it’s toll.

      One of the first areas to show any sign of fatigue is your skin, as your body naturally prioritises any available resources to maintaining your heath and well being.  The best way to directly feed the skin is by topically applying great skincare products on a daily basis and sticking to a routine.  But I want to be real with you, I know there are days where life gets in the way, you feel tired and worn out, the last thing you feel like doing is a full beauty routine even though you realise the benefits of doing this, I am no different some days I just don't have any energy left, this has especially been true over the last month.

      However I've recently been receiving some fantastic complements about my skin, from how radiant it looks, to people guessing my age at least ten years younger than I am which has been so lovely to hear, I mean who doesn't want to be told they look good?  Your probably thinking how can this be the case? I've just said that my skincare routine has been pretty off and on over the last month.

      Well I want to let you in on my secret, I've been using the Mélatogénine™ Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask which contains a clinically proven, patented youth activating molecule combined with marine collagen and lupin extracts as a booster to my beauty routine.  Which has been created by the prestigious French beauty brand Gatineau who have over 85 years of heritage in creating anti-ageing beauty must haves.
      This magical mask has made such an improvement to my skin, it also breaks all the rules that you know of when it comes to a usual mask.  First of all it has a whipped creamy texture which feels instantly cooling and hydrating on the skin, plus you can apply it all over your face including around the eyes, which is brilliant news for me as this is particularly an area of concern for me and most men that I speak to.  Also, you can use this mask in many different ways, you can apply a thin layer, leave it for ten minutes then wash it off or massage in any excess product. It can also be used as a quick flash mask treatment to perk up your skin after a long day or a rough night’s sleep or the way I've been using is to replace it with my usual night cream, this way I can apply a generous layer before bed and allow it to work it's magic all night long while I'm getting my beauty sleep.

      Each morning when I wake up my skin has been looking better and better, even on nights where I've had little sleep it has worked it's magic on my skin, which isn't surprising as the Mélatogénine™ youth molecule has a cumulative effect where the longer you use it the more it's able to feed the multiple skin layers with this powerful ingredient, plumping your skin from the inside out which has meant stubborn lines particularly across my forehead have now pretty much disappeared.

      I would describe this as an intelligent mask, what I mean by that is it will recognise which areas of your skin need the most treatment so don't be surprised if you notice it seems to disappear in certain areas quicker than others, this is a great way to see where you need to concentrate more on and is lacking in hydration.
      This Mélatogénine™ Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask is a must have in anyone's beauty routine that is concerned about their skin looking tired, dull or noticing signs of accelerated ageing, as even after the first application I know you will see a difference.  Also this mask is particularly perfect for guys, as I don't know many who would sit and apply a traditional mask then wait to wash it off, most guys just want quick effective products that make a difference, which is what this mask delivers in spades.  Plus the fact that you can use this as a night cream makes it easy for even the most non beauty savvy guy to use.

      What's even more fantastic is that throughout January this mask that is usually available in a 75ml tube at £46, which is a generous size compared to most other brands, is available in a 200ml Supersize exclusively to QVCUK at an incredible value price of £49.50 and also comes with a professional application brush, which makes you feel you have a salon in your own home.

      Whether you are time poor, have a busy lifestyle or have never quite realised the difference a face mask can make to your appearance, then this is the one you need to try and see the results for yourself.  I am quickly becoming addicted to the results and due to the size of this mask I haven't felt guilty using it every night as my night cream.

      Have you tried any products from the Gatineau range before?

      Do you use a mask in your beauty routine?

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      Available as supersize of the month on QVC for 2 easy payments of £24.75 (200ml) SHOP HERE

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