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      Defi Lift Volumising Peptide Lip Treatment

      We really are old hands at the lip-plumping game, and you have loved Defi Lift’s Volumising Lip Care since it very first launched well over a decade ago, but now this iconic formula has had a 2023 make-over and its better than ever!

      Ageing is one of those inevitable things you can’t avoid in life.  We re all familiar with the common signs of skin ageing – lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity but it changes other parts of the body too like the lips with many noticing that their lips slowly lose their plumpness and become deflated, thin, and chapped.  

      Lips are teaming with collagen in their youth and these naturally occurring proteins maintain a firm and healthy structure but as we age the decreased production of new collagen molecules makes lips appear thinner and flatter over time.  One of the main differences between skin on the lips and the rest of your body is that lips are made of only about 3 – 4 layers of skin whereas the skin in other areas has 15-16 layers for increased protection.  The lips do not contain the protective upper layer of epidermis called the Stratum Corneum that serves as a barrier and prevents dehydration and damage from the elements.

      Your lips are the focal point of your face, and full plump, and voluptuous pouts are associated with youth and beauty and whilst ‘tweakments’ are on the rise, understandably not everyone is looking to dive in headfirst and crack on with the lip fillers. So, if your lips need an M.O.T then book them in for some serious ‘lip service’ with Gatineau’s Defi Lift Volumizing Peptide Lip Treatment which has had a few ‘tweaks’ itself!

      Bridging the gap between age-defying skincare teamed with the perfect amount of natural-looking shimmer, this truly cushiony formula, is overflowing with a restorative mix of actives including Youth prolonging Peptides which are transported directly to skin cells where they trigger cellular repair processes, ‘tricking ‘cells into believing precious collagen has been compromised so that they set about creating more.  The pursuit of the perfect pout ends here!

      This professional strength balm really blows other lip formulas out of the water, as we’ve added in a hefty dose of ‘super-hydrating’ Hyaluronic Acid and nourishing Shorea Butter so you can experience fuller, softer, healthier looking lips in seconds.  Not to be confused with Shea Butter, Shorea Butter is a bit of a new kid on the block ingredient and is a cold-pressed butter obtained from the seeds of the Sal Tree. Rich in Essential Fatty Acids and Squalane, it is the real deal when it comes to leaving lips feeling like ‘velvet’ and is the go-to saviour to replenish any in crisis as it keeps internal and external aggressors at bay for the best kissable lips you’ve ever had.

      And prepare for improved lip texture and smoothed out vertical lines with the addition of Swertia Chirata Extract, native to the Himalayas and derived from Indian Gentian Leaves. You’ll reap the benefits of Swertia as it has been dramatically shown to improve skin thickness AND fill in wrinkles for a dramatic resurfacing effect. Top Tip alert - If you have developed vertical lines above your lip as you’ve gotten older you can double this up as an intensive night treatment and apply this luxe balm over the lip line, so you wake up to smooth, soft, and supple lips with no vertical indentations in sight!

      Finishing up this all-star line-up of lip-loving ingredients is a good measure of Menthyl PCA which triggers a refreshing cooling sensation delivering continuous freshness and hydration which lasts throughout the day.

      We’ve turned skin-perfecting technology to your lips, and this is going to be essential for the change in season as we move into the colder months whether you are looking for conditioning, volume-boosting, line-filling, or healing. With its decadent balm like texture that sits comfortably without a trace of tackiness expect to be provided with a high-gloss finish that boosts a fuller-looking pout.  My word of warning is one of these little beauties just won’t be enough because you’ll want one for your handbag, desk, and bedside table too!

      Lucy x








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