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      Defi Lift Active Firming TSV Collection

      What better way to kick off the season of Spring with not only a ‘spring’ in your step but a ’spring’ to your skin? With an incredible Gatineau March TSV heading your way rest assured you will be dazzled by this age-defying collection which promises to boost the look of your skin’s vitality, bounce and firmness AND give you a professional-grade routine right from the comfort of your own home!


      New and exclusive Gatineau collections are always cause for celebration at QVC and Defi Lift Active Firm and Plump Collection will certainly not disappoint as it offers a symphony of four carefully curated youth-boosting formulas including the unveiling of a BRAND NEW Defi Lift Serum and - a never done before - Collagene Expert SUPERSIZE Essence that will both shine particularly bright in your daily regime as they take a ‘firm’ stand against gravity and give you the key to unlocking your best skin yet!


      In the realm of skincare, finding the perfect combination of products that cater to your skin's unique needs can often feel like a daunting quest which is why we do all the hard work for you! Whilst hitting the age of 40 has been called the ideal age it’s also when your skin needs a little extra support and if you've been wedded to the same skincare brands for decades, then now's the time for a rethink. Why? Well, because, just as your sense of style has likely shifted from the nineties to now, so has your complexion – and your skin now has completely different needs to those of your twenty-something self. Yep, skincare in your 40s requires some fresh new formulas as many women will notice their skin will start to change at this stage in your life, and it's time to shift focus towards promoting collagen and elastin: the duo of proteins that keep your complexion plump and stop your epidermis from hollowing and sagging. Production of both slows from your mid-twenties, and now is the time to go hardcore on reigniting them.


      Enter Gatineau, a beacon of quality, luxury, and innovation in the world of age-defying skincare. Defi Lift Active Firm and Plump Collection is a walk-in wardrobe of some of Gatineau’s most powerful age-defying formulations in one ultimate must-have set and will take you on a journey to rediscover a smooth, toned and lifted complexion. Let me give you a peek at what’s inside………


      Beginning with a FULL SIZE of our much loved Defi Lift Toned Face Cream, this rich buttery textured formula has gained and retained a loyal fan base for over 20 years and is revered for its impact on skin tightening and line-smoothing, whilst adding serious bounce to a slackened face.  With high performance actives including Plant Proteins and Corn Kernel it acts as a 3D toner creating an immediate lifting sensation whilst Commiphora Mukul ‘fill in’ gaps in the skin almost mimicking the results of filler injections and is the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ for those looking rather ‘deflated’.


      Next up we have the BRAND NEW launch of Defi Lift Active Firming Serum, a luxury serum charged with high-end, high-performance actives including ‘Replexium,’ an innovative, fast-acting Peptide Complex which dramatically fights several types of wrinkles whilst also bringing back several years of firmness in a matter of weeks. Serums are beauty essentials and the perfect way to supercharge your skincare regime thanks to their potent ingredients and ultra-fine textures meaning they can instantly penetrate the skin for maximum effects. In fact, you can achieve multiple benefits from this one fantastic formula as it helps to smooth, tighten, hydrate, nourish and brighten – this is time rewinding on all levels.


      When you struggle to keep things flawless in your skin it is time to reach for the ultimate ‘hero’ skin treatment where hydration and balance is at the heart of the mission. Collagene Expert Hydra Essence, is a multi-tasking quenching formula combining the power of peptides and skin identical actives which preps your skin to perfection, delivering instant and long-lasting hydration, whilst lessening the depth of lines and ironing out furrows. Featuring in a JUMBO 250ml size, this skin tonic paves a precise path for the delivery of key actives allowing them to travel where they are needed from the surface down to the deep depths of skin and fuelled with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and a Peptide complex this is sure to come to the rescue of compromised complexions restoring it to optimum health and revealing a soft fresh-faced finish – you won’t be able to wait to apply this day in and day out!

      An updated classic brought back to support your delicate lips, we round off this TSV collection with a little tube of miracle and ultimate luxurious way to revive and nourish dry lips. Defi Lift Volumising Peptide Lip Treatment is a reinvention of the original and a dream come true to all lip-related afflictions.  A perfect nude hue this gentle tingling formula is enriched with Swertia Chirata Extract which tackles those pesky vertical creases whilst volume-enhancing Peptides leave lips fuller, smoother, and softer.  It’s a handbag staple that will instantly put a smile back on your face and ensure your lips look and feel their best both day and night.


      So why not start March with skin that bounces back to life with a smoother, firmer, less crumpled appearance.  Tune in to Andrew and Michaela at 9pm on March 15th where you can meet this sensational 4-piece collection which of course will be at a sensational price too.


      Lucy x

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