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      Chin up... the lowdown on a sagging neck!

      Why does the skin on the neck age more quickly than the face?
      The skin on the neck and décolleté is one of the most forgotten-about areas of the face yet it is exposed to the same wear and tear, if not more so. The skin in this area is up to 20 times thinner than the rest of the face making it very fragile and there are said to be up to 15 times fewer sebaceous glands and far less fatty tissue causing this delicate area to be less plump and hydrated. Over-exposure to harmful UV rays prematurely age the skin causing pigmentation flaws and age spots and if that wasn’t enough new innovative technology like smart phones and other devices cause us to look down constantly. Every time you drop your head forward it doubles the load on the neck muscles causing excessive stretching of the skin creating increased premature wrinkles and sagging in the neck.

      What does the term ‘turkey neck’ mean?
      Turkey neck is a term associated with a saggy neck and involves the platysma muscle, a long sheet like ropey muscle which runs from the jawline down to the décolleté. This muscle weakens with age and splits into a V formation of two cords that protrude more and more when they contract. This creates a downward pull of the skin giving the appearance of a sagging or ‘turkey neck’.

      Why am I noticing pigmentation flaws on my décolleté over any other area?
      Pigmentation flaws otherwise known as ‘hyperpigmentation’ are caused when there is an increase in the production of the ‘skin colouring’ pigment melanin and is influenced by a number of factors – sun, genetics, medication and hormones. These factors can cause melanin to distribute unevenly in the skin and accumulate at the surface of the epidermis, causing an uneven, blotchy, freckle like appearance. A lack of consistent and thorough protection against UVA and UVB rays can exacerbate this condition and the décolleté and back of hands are sadly two areas that are consistently over exposed to the harmful UV rays without adequate ‘year round’ protection.

      What is the best way to prevent early ageing of the neck area?
      There are a number of steps you can adopt to ensure you retain that youthful neck and décolleté:

      • Treat the neck and décolleté as an extension of your face when it comes to cleansing and toning and cleanse this delicate area both morning and evening.
      • Use an enzymatic (fruit acid) exfoliant at least twice a week on this area.
      • Ideally this exfoliant should contain Vitamin C because it is considered a ‘super antioxidant’ and contains a powerful property that has the ability to inhibit the skin’s melanin production and helps fade dark spots.
      • Indulge in some self-massage using a Face Roller, a technique which originated in China centuries ago. Jade rollers create a gentle massage effect on the skin which gives multiple benefits from sculpting, toning, firming, boosting circulation, reducing puffiness and improving skin elasticity.  
      • Use a skin-boosting mask to the face, neck and décolleté on a regular basis packed with anti-ageing actives which will flood the skin with moisturise, smooth wrinkles and restore firmness.
      • ALWAYS use a dedicated neck and décolleté product that is separate to your facial moisture - DefiLIFT 3D Firming Neck & Decollete Gel 50ml

      What are the best ingredients to target the multiple problems associated with the neck and décolleté area?
      Here are some key ingredients that will target the delicate neck and décolleté area:

      Hyaluronic Acid – critical in maintaining skin hydration

      Antioxidants – molecules that fight free radicals in the skin to defend against premature ageing

      Vitamin C – A powerful antioxidant which also inhibits melanin production and evens out skin tone

      Vitamin E – A powerful anti-oxidant that reduces UV damage in the skin.

      Vitamin F – An essential fatty acid that helps to maintain and repair the skin’s barrier to keep it strong and smooth.

      Marine Collagen – Helps improve sagging skin by promoting and supporting natural collagen production for a suppler complexion.

      Plant Proteins – the building blocks of the skin’s support structure to help reinforce strength and firmness.


      Lucy x

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