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      Caring for Sensitive Skin

      Everyone’s skin can be sensitive at times, and sensitivity can come in many shapes, colours, and textures from oily to dry or to not quite either. It turns out sensitive skin is a complicated skin condition without a ‘one size fits all’ definition and there are many reasons for a flurry of facial redness, a stint of erythema or blistering flaky patches – perhaps you’ve overdone the sunshine, been exposed to environmental stressors, used irritating skincare products, you’ve got hormonal disharmony, or it could be simply down to a stressful lifestyle which can seriously manifest itself on skin.

      Whether you suffer from a permanently reactive complexion or have been struck down by sensitized skin as a result of overdoing things, vulnerable skin is almost always linked to a compromised barrier. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, as an impaired skin barrier means you’re more prone to sensitivity, but sensitivity can also weaken your barrier and this ‘protective wall’ is your skin’s natural armour to the outside world keeping the good stuff like moisture in and the bad stud like irritants out. Everything is a question of balance - however if your skin’s balance is disrupted (often due to a compromised barrier) it becomes less equipped to handle life’s challenges whether they are internally or externally related – cue redness, inflammation, dry, scaly skin texture!

      Gentle Silk Cleanser

      It doesn’t matter how much money, time, and effort you put into skincare, cleansing and toning are non-negotiable steps you’ll need to master before you fill in the gaps.  We are all guilty of ploughing ahead with the same old routine regardless of the state of our skin but if you want to rectify a damaged skin barrier you need to take a slower more intuitive approach. While there are many tips and tricks to keep your sensitive skin calm and under control, ultimately it all comes down to the humble cleanse which can make one of the biggest improvements to your complexion.

      Meet the dream team and our gentlest edit, Gentle Silk Cleanser and Gentle Silk Toner, traditional staples in the cleansing world and always the preferred choice to use within professional salon facial treatments. These skincare pairings are the perfect team and the most calming cleansing solutions providing fast relief for red, irritated skin whilst melting away make-up, impurities, and SPF with ease.  If these two beauties had personalities, they would be considered classic, calming, and delicate.

      Arriving in a satin-like milky fluid, Gentle Silk Cleanser is a dream to apply and a true nourishing salve to appease easily stressed skin. Calming as it cleanses, soothing and smoothing, it has been laced with Silk and Cotton Extracts of the highest quality and purity to protect and repair distressed skin. Silk has been valued throughout the world for its extraordinary beauty qualities and has been linked with medical use for thousands of years, thanks to its strength and skin-like protein and amino acid structure making it the perfect ingredient for sensitive skin.  Abundant in two important proteins: fibroin and sericin, fibroin (found in the inner part of silk) nourishes and balances revealing a lustrous glow and, sericin (found in the outer part of silk), provides deep hydration and a layer of protection for a whisper light moisture-binding veil on the skin. With the addition of skin softening Cottonseed Oil, the complexion is coated in a way that allows it to protect the cells beneath and keep them from being irritated.  With a finely floral fragrance this indulgent cleanser is adept at soothing complexions in crisis and really is the picture-perfect first step in your cleansing ritual. 

      Gentle Silk Toner

      No longer just a ‘nice to have’ toners have become a post-cleanse essential especially if you need to bolster your barrier function.  The perfect way to end your cleansing ritual with a nourishing flourish, Gentle Silk Toner is a multi-purpose formula that lifts the last traces of make-up, refines pores, and soothes your skin. Crafted with Silk Extract and Cottonseed Oil this alcohol free formula takes care of your skin’s natural pH balance as it refreshes your complexion and the calming blend of Allantoin contributes to a reviving experience all without irritating skin.  The results? A clean, balanced, revitalised canvas prepped for the rest of your ritual.

      Sensitive skin souls rejoice! A match made in comforting heaven, Gentle Silk Cleanser and Toner are a one way ticket to your complexion’s recovery and offer every bit of a luxury experience from the silky lightweight textures to the scent, to the replenishing feel. There’s beauty in the simplicity of a well-orchestrated cleansing routine and I am forecasting much calmer days ahead!


      Lucy x


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