Brand-New Thérapie Corps™ Exfoliating Body Polish 200ml – Gatineau Skincare

      Brand-New Thérapie Corps™ Exfoliating Body Polish 200ml

      An effective yet gentle body exfoliator is a rare breed with many on the market being harsh and over scratchy, yet if you get the right product there is something quite satisfying and fulfilling about using a mechanical (aka granular) exfoliator over the body. And let’s be honest most of us wouldn’t dream of using one on the face – granular exfoliators are way too abrasive for our delicate complexions with AHA based exfoliators (aka enzymatic) being favoured.

      Every few days you exfoliate your face to slough off dead skin cells and increase cell turnover to reveal a soft and radiant complexion underneath, and yes focusing on the face is great, BUT the rest of the body is made from the exact same cells yet I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get the same kind of TLC!

      Body exfoliation is central to granting you that red-carpet body we all yearn for – and since the ancient times it has been generally understood that exfoliation, the process of removing dead skin cells that build up on the outer layer of the skin, is the key to healthy skin. It is thought to have evolved in ancient Egypt where pumice stones as well as scrubs made from sand and the Aloe Vera plant were used regularly to help stimulate the body's natural healing mechanism, encourage cell renewal and eliminate excess fluids and bloating while leaving skin supple and glowing. 

      Whether you're coveting baby soft skin that is free from texture, dry patches, scales or stubborn marks, prepping skin for a flawless faux glow or struggling with body bumps and inflamed ingrown hairs, our high performance Therapie Corps Energisante Body Polish Scrub marries good to skin ingredients with centuries old cultural beauty rituals to  grant you that oh-so-baby soft skin.

      Combining highly antioxidant Blackcurrant Fruit Powder together with AHAs (Aka fruit acids) from Citric Acid thankfully this deliciously scented scrub offers both a mechanical and enzymatic exfoliation to ensure every last trace of dead skin cells are lifted off. What I absolutely love is the fact the scrub is powered by the delicate exfoliating blackcurrant crystals to cleanse, soften and remove impurities whilst the gentle AHAs increase cellular renewal, refine skin texture and leave skin brighter, clearer and smoother! And blackcurrants have a BIG nutritional value and are bursting with Vitamins A and E plus they carry 4 times the amount of Vitamin C as oranges would you believe! 

      And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better  – as soon as those rough, scaly skin cells have been swept away the skin is flooded with a plethora of nourishing and moisture-locking oils – coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and jojoba seed oil –all nutrient dense and rich in nourishing fatty acids, ceramides and antioxidants and totally take the reins when it comes to hydration and that all important healthy glow. With added Candelilia Wax the skin’s protective barrier is restored whilst transepidermal water loss is minimised.
      Oh and did I mention the heavenly therapeutic scent and sumptuous creamy texture? Gatineau scientists have created this luxurious uplifting exfoliator by suspending delicate blackcurrant crystals into a lavish velvety cream formula which effortlessly glides over the skin, buffing away rough areas and dead skin cells whilst the delicate floral notes of geranium, lavender and bergamot gives you the perfect relaxed spa experience from the comfort of your own home.  

      Our Therapie Corps Energisante Body Polish takes skin-softening and smoothing to a whole new level whilst bestowing that all important healthy skin glow- you really are just one shower away from silky supple skin!

      How to use: Use 2-3 times a week.  Massage onto wet skin using your hands or the Body Buffing Mitt and rinse off.  Follow with AHA Body lotion for the ultimate skin conditioning treatment.
      Lucy x

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