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      Brand-new Collagene Expert Plumping Revival Mask

       No matter how thorough your skincare routine, we all have those days where our skin looks a little ……. meh. There are small wins to be gained from the flexibility of working from home yet one of the most decadent is the ability to wear one of your age-defying, hydrating or pore refining face masks while typing away. Enough cannot be said for the satisfaction of balancing work commitments whilst feeding skin with powerful ingredients to come out the other side looking smoother, firmer, and more radiant. Great skin is not simply a matter of DNA – your daily habits, a change in seasons or hormonal fluctuations can all in fact have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. The goal of a face mask is to tune up your complexion using highly concentrated ingredients so its functioning at its best - it’s like the ultimate quick fix to spruce up your skin in a jiffy!

      I am not ashamed to admit it, I have spent a prolonged amount of time hoping and praying that Gatineau scientists were working on another Holy Grail Mask to add to the collection after the Melatogenine Anti-wrinkle Radiance Mask was retired. You may already know Gatineau is renowned for delivering optimum concentrations of cutting-edge scientific ingredients to the skin through our potent face masks. We have been long applauded for our results-driven face masks and now the wait is finally over – a brand new face mask is about to drop!

      SO, if fine lines and wrinkles are stressing you out, you are looking for filler without the needles or you want to drench your parched skin with a dazzling veil of hydration then our newest addition to our covetable face mask wardrobe is definitely going to be a mask you will want to be in intimate contact with!  Collagene Expert Plumping Revival Mask is the ultimate foil for moments when you wish to bounce back to your best and with its rich sumptuous formula which glides across the skin you can drench you base to hairline in a seriously potent formula.


      Among the starring ingredient line-up, is the first ever bio designed vegan collagen called Humacoll21 which I like to think of as a powerful shot of protein powder for your skin which helps to maintain collagen encouraging its production and preventing its breakdown.  Teaming this with a collagen peptide fusion and you have got the recipe for THE most cushiony-soft, velvety smooth finish to your complexion.

      And reviving depleted, tired, and dry skin to its former glory this rich creamy textured mask has been loaded with barrier-boosting Ceramides and silky Squalene to revive skins softness and suppleness in just a few minutes. Your skin will reap the benefits of Ceramides and Squalene because they are both lipids that mirror skin's natural barrier functions, reducing excess water loss throughout the day and great for restoring skin's harmony while optimising elasticity - you can probably picture the dewiness already.

      And thanks to a nourishing combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Barley Extract expect this mask to instantly quench your thirst like you’ve ordered eight glasses of water for your complexion. And I will let you in on a little secret – if you want to wake up enviably fresh faced (even if you've burned the midnight oil), apply as an overnight treatment - your skin will emerge from this comforting, cocooning blanket of pure complexion-perfecting goodness, fresh, smooth, and perfectly plumped. Oh, and don't overlook your lips and eyes – it can be applied in these areas too.

      Whether your skin is dehydrated, dull or peppered with pigmentation flaws the addition of Vitamin B3 otherwise dubbed Niacinamide could help solve all of your skincare woes. When it comes to your complexion, Niacinamide’s skin benefits know no bounds! It’s been shown to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, brighten dull skin AND even out skin tone – this super vitamin really rescues unhappy skin. 

      Best paired with a good page-turner or a fascinating box set this indulgent souffle formula should earn a spot in your evening ritual or whilst you dream ‘sweet dreams.’ The perfect pre-party pick-me-up if you’ve just got a 10-minute turnaround consider this mask to be your knight in shining armor as it resuscitates dull, lackluster skin with its cocktail of plumping, glow-bestowing ingredients which immediately infuse into dulled, depleted skin cells steamrolling lines, levelling out wrinkles, and quenching and hydrating for a truly megawatt glow experience. What a self-indulgent way to hit the reset button for your face.

      Lucy x


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