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      Brand Director Sarah Power's Night Time Skincare Routine!

      Good for the soul, good for the skin. I take 10 minutes every evening away from the craziness of a busy day to really treat my skin to a little bit of pampering.
      Every Beauty therapist I have had the pleasure to work with has always reminded me that at night our skin repairs itself so it’s the optimum time to layer!
      The real skincare aficionado will tell you that your skin has more permeability (which is why you always want to add a serum to your night time skin care routine), Cell division is increased, DNA repair and renewal is active and the best bit of all Melatonin, known for its antioxidant (a.k.a. anti-aging) properties, is produced at night. Hence the more you sleep the fresher you look!
      So in the absence of the sleep hours that I probably need, I start my routine by soaking 2 cotton pads in Floracil Plus, it literally is the most effective eye make remover I have ever tried and its biphase which means its packed full of oil and really works to break down stubborn eye make-up, and you know the old adage : remove oil with oil, so no mascara is safe around it! It certainly gets my eye makeup off in one quick soak. Then I like to use the Gentle Silk Cleanser, simply pop it on like a face wash with your hands and the secret I have found is to remove it with a warm flannel (nothing technical!) Finally, I pop a dash of Gentle Silk Toner on to finish the routine at my sink and move swiftly to my dressing table where I luxuriate in a plethora of potions and lotions.
      First, I’ll pop a little DefiLIFT Eye Contour Lift around my eyes with my ring finger following the technique shown to me by our very own Training Manager Lucy Vose. At the moment I’m using Age Benefit Perfect Skin Serum and probably putting on a bit too much, but my view is that it’s a long night and my skin will absorb what it needs over the course. Finally, a little Age Benefit Cream – Dry Skin because it really targets all the typical anti-ageing concerns such as pigmentation, lines and wrinkles and age spots. It’s packed full of really powerful ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil to nourish and hydrate and Calcium to really strengthen thinning, aged skin.
      The only other trick I use is sleeping on a silk pillow case, it’s great for your skin in keeping it smooth and healthy and there is even research out there arguing that it can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles! I’ve also found that it really helps reduce the frizz on my hair, so for all you ladies out there that suffer with frizz it definitely is an investment!
      Sarah x

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