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      Age Benefit Multi Acid Peel

      Would you believe me if I told you that Cleopatra regularly indulged in face and body peels to rejuvenate her complexion? She would bathe in sour milk (Lactic Acid is derived from milk) to exfoliate and restore her skin and while her technique was somewhat different from the products currently holding a spot on our shelves, this much sought-after skin treatment has had a place in skincare dating back to ancient Egyptians. Despite centuries of scientific discoveries leading to fine-tuning formulas some of the ingredients including our much-beloved AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are still very much a big part of the skincare industry today which is a true testament to their efficacy.

      Chemical Peels may sound intimidating but don’t be deterred because when used correctly and with the right potency, you can emulate the most mind-blowing facial from the comfort of your own home which will revive your complexion and recover lost lustre without harsh abrasives, physical exfoliants or unsightly side effects. Sounds too good to be true right?


      The skin may seem little more than a shell and just an expanse of surface to be covered and uncovered but in fact it is an organ, the body’s largest and one of its most important.  Skin is comprised of many layers, the uppermost of which is called the Stratum Corneum, which is less a ‘layer’ than the remnants of what was once a layer, and this particular layer naturally sheds every 30 days to make space for the newbie. Over time, however – primarily as a result of age and unprotected sun exposure – the shedding process of this layer slows down and can sometimes stop altogether resulting in dull, dry, flaky skin, clogged pores, wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone - yikes!

      The brand-new Age Benefit Multi Acid Peel is a 10-minute resurfacing treatment infused with a potent blend of AHA’s to shed away dead skin cells, smooth, brighten and stimulate collagen synthesis.  The pioneering formula fuses a trio of naturally derived skin boosting acids, Glycolic, Mandelic and Lactic Acid, at a combined concentration of 10% which synergistically work to activate exfoliation by gently dissolving the bonds between dead skin cells lifting away debris and promoting an even, soft-to-touch complexion.

      Derived from Sugarcane, Glycolic Acid is the gold standard of AHAs due to its molecular size which is incredibly small, allowing them to easily infiltrate the skin’s barrier to target multiple levels of the skin.  Acting primarily as an exfoliant Glycolic Acid dissolves the ‘sebaceous’ glue that binds dulling dead skin cells to skin’s surface revealing the shiny new cells underneath. By eliminating this barrier skin starts behaving like a younger version of itself creating new collagen and elastin and healing signs of pigmentation and discolouration. It also has a natural ability to hydrate skin, plumping up cells and diminishing wrinkle depth. Supported by both Mandelic Acid (derived from grapes) and Lactic Acid (derived from milk) which encourage the exfoliation process these gentle acids offer both hydrating and anti-bacterial benefits respectively and although they say ‘3 is a crowd’ in this case layering this mixology of AHA’s on the skin dramatically ensures the stage is set for seriously brilliant results.

      The height of at home luxe, this concentrated powerhouse peel has been loaded with Caviar Lime Fruit, otherwise known as ‘finger lime fruit’, an exotic fruit derived from a unique rainforest tree native to Australia. Infused with bundles of Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid, these two dynamo actives inject the complexion with unrivalled radiance and a dewy glow and when it comes to how we want our skin to be described, ‘agelessly luminous’ has got to be pretty much the ultimate goal with Caviar Lime Fruit promising just that!

      To balance the exfoliating action the peel is laced with skin soothing Bisabolol, a prized research backed cosmetic ingredient that helps to keep skin cool, calm, and protected. Derived from the Chamomile plant the benefits of this don’t stop there as this superstar soothing ingredient not only re-establishes equilibrium but has been shown to help prevent hyperpigmentation as it inhibits the synthesis of melanin.


      Add this quick and effective treatment into your weekly routine and your skin will thank you. Not only will your skin look brighter, but this hardworking formula smooths lines and wrinkles, refines pores and targets skin texture to reveal a more even skin tone.

      The surefire way to get the softest, smoothest, clearest skin in a flash is with Age Benefit’s Multi-Acid Peel without the downtime and discomfort AND in the convenience of your own home.

      There are a few things to know before you try the peel however and following the instructions is key.  You won’t want to use any other exfoliating products or products containing Retinol on the same day as you use this peel so take a step back and consider your entire skincare routine to eliminate or skin-cycle products that might fall into this category. During the 10 minutes that the multi-acid peel is on the skin you will experience a mild tingling sensation – that’s a tingle NOT a sting – and that’s a good sign because you are on your way to the most fabulous skin of your life!

      It’s out with the old and in with the new! Age Benefit Multi Acid Peel fuses the smoothing benefits of an exfoliating peel with the skin calming qualities of plant extracts promising instantly visible results in just one step. Uniting luxury with advanced technology it represents everything we love about this uncomplicated brand. Get ready, get set to glow!


      Lucy x

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