A QVC Exclusive Launch! – Gatineau Skincare

      A QVC Exclusive Launch!

      Perfection Ultime Radiance Energizing Eye Concentrate 15ml

      If someone told me that they had ‘a miracle remedy’ to achieving flawless looking skin around the eyes I would literally bite their arm off!  My eyes have been a bone of contention for many years with the biggest concern being that of pesky purple shadows underneath my eyes which are a dead give-away if I’ve not caught up with my zzz’s or have been burning the candle at both ends.

      Let’s face it, the eyes are such an important facial feature which nobody wants to see looking run down, fatigued and dull and yet it is an area that can be easily neglected.  I am forever in pursuit of the next skincare great to ‘charge up the skin around the eyes’ and restore clarity – that is until now.
      The eyes are notoriously known in the skincare industry for being the most problematic and difficult area of the face to keep in a healthy condition, and suffers from a multitude of issues whether it’s crows’ feet and wrinkles, slackened skin and hooded eyes, dark shadows and hyper-pigmentation, puffiness and eye bags or dehydration and skin crepiness.  
      And it’s totally ‘eye opening’ to comprehend the many factors that have a negative impact on this vulnerable area.  Firstly the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the face and therefore more prone to stretching (due to damaged elastin), wrinkling (from collagen depletion) and dehydration.  If the skin is starved of water it responds by retaining as much moisture as it can and this then causes puffiness.  The combination of dehydrated and thinning skin can make underlying blood vessels appear more prominent and fuelled by a sluggish lymphatic circulation these blood vessels can become clogged with toxins which is revealed on the surface as unsightly purply blue shadows.
      Perfection Ultime Radiance Energizing Eye Concentrate joins a new breed of Gatineau skincare products which are aimed at encouraging a ‘flawless’ complexion. I adore its silky and super lightweight consistency, which of course is ideal for the summer months when our skin doesn’t require such rich and heavy textures, and I love the fact it creates the perfect springboard for make-up to sit seamlessly over.  But of course, and as always with Gatineau skincare, the real power is in its innovative and scientific formula which has been clinically proven to really perfect one of the most delicate, yet most discernible areas of the face.
      And these potent ingredients really do deserve a blog of their own.  Let’s start with the multi-functional ability of the ‘impressive’ Vitamin C which seems to answer every skincare woe.  Not only is it a go-to ingredient to fend off colds, it’s a  real favoured ingredient  in the skincare industry and widely used for its powerful anti-oxidant benefits, brilliant boosting of collagen levels, it’s radiance inducing effect and the fact it helps to treat photo-damaged skin and reverse the effects of uneven skin tone. 
      Then we have the natural extract of horse chestnut, native to the Balkans and in ancient times renowned for its medicinal properties, it was discovered to have a really positive effect on the body’s micro-circulation.  Because dark circles can be attributed to some extent by a sluggish blood and lymphatic circulation, horse-chestnut is used to kick-start these systems which helps decongest the eye ducts and sends those dark circles packing!
      And it might sound like an unlikely ingredient to add to anything (let alone beauty products!) but yeast is in fact a star ingredient in many of the world’s favourite cosmetics. Yep there is more to yeast than meets the eye, as it has a really high nutritional content including bundles of anti-oxidants (a protective mechanism which helps to restore damaged skin cells), proteins (the body’s essential building blocks), peptides (which tricks the skin into manufacturing new collagen) and B Vitamins (which offers a gentle anti-inflammatory effect).   
      Perfection Ultime Radiance Energizing Eye Concentrate ticks all the boxes when it comes to addressing the problems around the eyes. The range is suitable for all ages and addresses uneven skin tone and texture as well as lack of radiance. This opulent eye serum will really make your eyes look their happiest and restore luminosity!
      For best results apply just half a pump to both eyes and press delicately round the eye contour using your ring fingers (the ring finger allows exactly the right pressure). Follow with your Gatineau moisturiser.
      Lucy x
      "It was light and non-greasy, a little goes a long way. I enjoyed the whole ritual of using an eye concentrate, which is something I haven’t done on a regular basis before!"

      "This is a dream to apply and makes you look like you have had 10 hrs sleep! It was light and silky and asorbed straight into the skin, I loved it."

      "This product is very light! I only had to use half a pump over both eyes!! My under eyes seemed lighter in tone and firmer in texture too."

      "The effect that it had on my fine lines and dark circles was quite impressive. Fine lines reduced immediately!"

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