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      A bright future for your complexion!

      What is dull skin?
      Dull skin is skin that does not look radiant and luminous. It is skin that appears flat and unhealthy.  A skin that does not radiate and glow with health is not always related to age but signs of dullness can emphasise other imperfections on the skin like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Skin with an ineffable glow is hard to define but a more scientific explanation of dull skin has to do with the way the light reflects off your skin. When skin cells are healthy and vibrant, the light bounces off your face like a mirror, making skin appear bright, however if your skin is not healthy, less light will bounce off your skin cells resulting in a lacklustre complexion.

      What causes dull skin?
      There are multiple influences which can cause the complexion to appear dull.  Let’s look at each reason:

      DEAD SKIN CELLS: We shed millions of dead skin cells everyday but as the skin matures its ability to renew surface cells slows down causing an accumulation on the skin’s top layer known as the epidermis. This causes a grey dreary appearance.

      POOR CIRCULATION:  A continuous flow of blood throughout the body provides the skin and all the body’s tissues with a regular supply of oxygen and nutrients whilst carrying carbon dioxide and other toxins away. When the blood circulation is poor, an inadequate flow of blood to the skin can result in too little oxygen being delivered leaving it pallid and ashen.

      POLLUTED AIR: Polluted air contains a host of tiny particles like dirt, toxins and sulphur dioxide. Exposure to daily pollution in the air can cause reactions in the skin that inhibit the way it builds and repairs itself and in addition can strip the skin of moisture making it appear dry and rough.

      DEHYDRATION: There are two principal factors that keep skin hydrated. The first is the Hydrolipidic Film which is a light protective film that covers the skin and mainly consists of perspiration, water, sebum and lipids. If it becomes damaged by external influences or is removed with harsh cleansers it can lead to transepidermal water loss in the upper layers of the epidermis creating a dull appearance. The second is Hyaluronic Acid, a sugar found naturally in our skin, which holds water and helps collagen and elastin fibres remain supple and plump. A depletion of Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally as we age causing dehydration and decreasing the thickness of the skin. A thinning skin often appears tired and dull.

      STRESS: Stress induces the release of cortisol in skin cells otherwise known as the ‘stress hormone’. These high levels of cortisol immediately release sugars intended to provide the body with energy but it actually creates multiple problems. In particular it slows down skin cell renewal, meaning the cells take longer to reach the surface and of course when they finally reach the top their condition leaves a lot to be desired revealing a dull and lifeless complexion.  

      What steps can I take to achieve that enviable glow?
      Luminous dewy skin never goes out of style but maintaining radiance is not easy. A comprehensive skincare cleansing regime will clear the canvas by thoroughly removing debris, dirt, oil and pollution that cause clogged pores and dullness.

      1) Exfoliation is one of the best ways to brighten skin as it lifts away dead skin cells to make for healthy, new plump cells, increases the effectiveness of your other skincare products and reveals a soft and radiant complexion underneath. Why not try our Radiance Enhancing Gommage 75ml?

      2) Use skincare products that incorporate ingredients like Vitamin C, AHA’s and antioxidants as these will illuminate the complexion, even out skin tone and provide a veil of anti-oxidant protection.

      3) Rehydrate the skin both topically and through diet. For a fast fix, apply a hydrating mask 2-3 times a week and try layering a serum underneath your moisturiser to hydrate the skin deep down. Why not try Aquamemory Mask 75ml?

      4) Try a ‘glow’ infuser hybrid product which can be used instead of make-up and contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid and reflecting light particles that draw moisture into the skin and reflect light for an instant yet subtle all over glow. Perfection Ultime Radiance Perfecting Drops 18ml 

      5) Try and get a good 8 hours sleep as skin cells regenerate faster at night-time. In fact cell division peeks around 2am  and this is when repair and renewal is at its highest meaning you really are getting that all important ‘beauty sleep’.


      Lucy x


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