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Age Benefit™

The Age Benefit™ Integral Regenerating Range has been designed for skin that has damage to both the internal and external layers, with technology centred around ‘Growth Factors’ which have been found to have a profound effect on the health of the skin as we age. Micro-circulation is boosted with Luminix to promote luminosity and target brown spots, and Hyaluronic Acid instantly hydrates and plumps out wrinkles. 

Great For

Strengthening thinning skin

Tackling the advanced signs of ageing

Pigmentation concerns

"Love, love, love this product. Packaging was classy and jar beautifully designed. My skin felt amazing after every application and my makeup seemed much easier to apply. I could visibly see a difference with my fine lines and my face looked brighter and younger!" - Gatineau Customer

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What is our age benefit™ system?

The Age Benefit™ Range has been designed for skin that has damage to both the internal and external layers.

The science of serums

Learn more about Serums and why they are an integral part of your skincare regime!

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Great For

  • Targeting the advanced signs of ageing

  • Pigmentation and complexion concerns

  • Strengthening thinning skin


Great For

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Restoring radiance

  • Protecting the skin's natural microbiome and protecting from external aggressors


Great For

  • Hydrating the skin

  • Leaving the skin feeling soft

  • Protecting against moisture loss


Great For

  • Combination & Oily Skin types

  • Reducing the production of excess Sebum

  • Mattifying the complexion to reduce shine


Great For

  • Plumping the skin from within

  • Providing essential moisture

  • Treating the early signs of ageing


Great For

  • Skin slackening

  • Loss of firmness

  • Providing essential moisture


Great For

  • Dull skin and lack of radiance

  • Uneven skin tone and texture

  • The first signs of ageing